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A friend in a foreign country tells me that her 12 year old

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A friend in a foreign country tells me that her 12 year old daughter had fever and cough and after X Ray and lab was diagnosed with fluid in the lungs. Prescription medicine was prescribed to be taken 3 times a day. What type of medicine can this be and for what duration? The family is indigent and since I am paying for the cost I would like to know.

That is very sweet of you to pay for someone elses medication like that. Please understand that online I cant state anything with 100% certainty, all I can do is give my best guess based upon what you wrote.

From what you've written, it may be that the little girl has pneumonia of some sort. There are several different antibiotic medications / antibiotic classes that can be used for pneumonia (if this is what she has). Each different antibiotic class focuses on slightly different bacteria, but there is a great deal of overlap as the different classes have also been developed to combat antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Some examples of these are the penicillins: amoxicillin, penicillin, augmentin, and these would need to be taken a few times a day. The cephalosporins can be used as well, and also would need to be taken a few times a day. Examples of some antibiotics in this category include keflex (cephalexin), Ceftin, (cefuroxime) and floroquinolones like ciprofloaxin. Macrolide antibiotics can also be used (Zithromax is an example) but often those are once daily doses.

I have no way of knowing or even guessing which of the many ones available was chosen; quite a few are dosed as multiple times in a day.

Usually antibiotics are prescribed anywhere from seven to ten days.

I hope this was helpful, and once again, I thank you for your kindness to this girl and her family.

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