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I got bitten by my budgie and very small drop of blood came

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I got bitten by my budgie and very small drop of blood came out. Do i have to take some precaution and go to see a doctor? Thanks!
Hello JACustomer,

I am sorry to hear you were bitten by your bird. Birds do not carry rabies, so you do not need to worry about that. The description you gave of it; a very small puncture (not deep and not large) is reassuring; it does not seem at all as if it needs medical help to close (puncture wounds should not be sutured anyhow). I like that you washed it and put antiseptic cream on it.

The only thing I suggest is that if you have not had a tetanus booster shot within the past five years, (five as you have been potentially exposed via the birds bite) you should truly get a re vaccination.

Keep the finger clean and dry, and monitor its healing. If it shows signs of becoming, swollen, warm, pus drainage, or most threatening, a red line streaking from the wound, that would be a sure sign that oral antibiotics are needed.

Some information from the Mayo Clinic:

I hope I was able to help,
Nurse Susan and other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

It's not even visible and it's very small and does not hurt at all. Do you think i still need a shot?

Hello JACustomer,

It did break the skin and it did bleed. Based on that, a booster is recommended. But, your own doctor would know you far better than I would; he or she might say its not needed. But from what you write, I would take a booster if I were you. Tetnaus is a lousy thing to have and its truly preventable.

I hope that helped,