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Dr. Jerry E
Dr. Jerry E, Doctor (MD/DO)
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What can I do to alleviate the incredibly dry skin on my face?

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What can I do to alleviate the incredibly dry skin on my face? I exfoliate, I moisturize and nothing seems to help! I've never had this issue before - until about 6 months ago an have been struggling w/it ever since! Do I need some sort of peel? what are the best products - when I look at my skin, I can actually see the flakiness - looks like a desert!!! HELP!
Hello, this is Dr. E. Greetings from New York! I'm so glad you posted your question for me to answer, and I aim to provide you with accurate info

Do not use products that have high alcohol contents, as these will dry your skin further. You need to start using a product with oatmeal in it. This will sooth and moisturize.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I don't use products w/alcohol in them at all! Can dehydration be an issue? I live in LA and have trouble drinking enough water as it makes me queasy! weird, huh? I also have thyroid issues - hypo - take meds for it - and, I've done this for years and never had such a serious problem with dry skin - and, I will try the oatmeal suggestion... and pure coconut oil!
Dehydration can definitely be an issue. It may be difficult, but try to get atleast 8 glasses of water a day to help combat dehydration. After doing so for a week, you should notice a difference in the moisture level of your skin. Especially your face.
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