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My doctor recently prescribed me Metoclopramide HCL as a

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My doctor recently prescribed me Metoclopramide HCL as a treatment for my daily (every meal) acid reflux caused by Hiatial Hernia. The consensus is that I am too young and the damage done to me is not (yet) severe enough to warrant laporoscopic surgery methods of resolution. However, the reflux weakens my voice and causes throat pain throughout every day. It has also begun to constrict my throat post-meal and caus light-headedness or pressure headaches.
I am worried about the potential permanent side effects of this drug - I'll brave any temporary side effect, but the thought of permanently developing tardive diskonesia terrifies me - how many patients experience these symptoms, and how often, if use is stopped immediately, do they remain permanent regardless?
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Thanks for your question.
I can understand your concern.
Have you used this medication before? Are you on any other medication?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have not used the medication before and currently am not on any other medication. I last took amitriptalen HCL (spelling?) 4 days ago.
Thanks for the information.
Based on your information, it seems like there is no known history of bad reaction with this medication. I just wanted to let you know that almost all the medications have side effects, but everyone will not get those side effects. Those who gets, minor side effects are more common than serious side effects. The risk versus benefit is always judged before making the decision. Juts to address your concern, tardive dyskinesia (TD) is a known side effect of Metoclopramide, it has been reported in less than 1% cases. Moreover, the risk of developing TD is higher in elderly women, those who takes medication for longer duration, and those who take higher doses. If you are taking smaller doses for a shorter duration, then the risk of TD is very less... and there is a good chance that TD symptoms will disappear after stopping the medication. You can read more about it from these links:
Please let me know if you have any other question for me.
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