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My mom had a colonoscopy done yesterday because lile a month

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Hello my mom had a colonoscopy done yesterday because lile a month ago she had a pain in her stomach left side and they did her a ct scan and saw that she had diverticulitis. But when she went to the dr for the follow up visit the dr. Told her that she was up for the colonoscopy. She had it done yesterday and they found one polyp which he removed and also a little diverticulitis. My mom has external hemmorhoids that r pretty big and specially when she goes and has bowel movement they get irritated. He did say that he was going to have the polyp sent to pathology.
Good Morning,

Thank you for asking for me.

You may want to know what your mother might expect having had a polyp removed and sent to pathology.

Colon polyps are common in adults, and it is standard to take a biopsy. Most colon polyps are not cancer, but they can turn into cancer. When they are the type that can turn in to cancer, it takes several years for them to turn in to cancer. The treatment to prevent this, is to remove the polyps. If the polyp is the type that can turn into cancer, your mom will require closer monitoring (colonoscopy ever 3 to 5 years).

Regarding the hemmoroids, depending on how uncomfortable they are, removal may be recommended.

I would suspect your mother's doctor may prescribe her a bowel regimen that includes stool softeners to prevent further irritation of the hemmoroids which are enlarged veins that develop in part due to pressure and straining.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My mom has had treatment for hemorrhoids she has gone to 2 surgeon and they tell her noylt to get surgery..... Believe she does not want surgery. I was just concern with he .polyp hopefully is not bad.....
there are many things that can be done to decrease the discomfort of hemmoroids besides removal (certain types are much simpler to remove than others, so she should of course do as her surgeons recommend since they will know the best treatment for the type she has.)

Yes, I agree hopefully the polyp is not bad, but she has percentage on her side, as polyps are very common and only about 1% are found to be cancerous, and the only way to tell whether they are cancerous is removal and examination.

Let me know if you have further questions, and please keep me updated on her findings.
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