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Hope you are well. I was feeling around my ear and felt some

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Good evening,
Hope you are well. I was feeling around my ear and felt some kind of cyst. It is belo my left ear exactely where my bottom jaw ends. It feels like rubber.....maybe the size of a split pea. Not painful unless I really press on it. Is this something to worry about?
26 yrs old
Any idea how long it's been there? Where exactly is this located?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I just felt it today....not sure if its been there before. It does not feel like a lymph node. It is like half an inch behind the about the smae height. Very close to the bottom of my lower jaw,s end. I have been messing w it it kinda feels like a pea now.
Thanks again
it's moveable--seems to be just under the skin?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It is under the skin but not attached. I can lift my skin and they are not stuck together. It does not feel mobile.
OK. This is probably a sebaceous cyst--completely benign and may have been there for a while before you noticed it. Have a doctor look at it but I don't think it's a lymph node or any kind of cancer, if you were worried about that.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks so much. I ddo have a couple pimples that I popped right in the area in the neck behind my ear . Are there lymph nodes in this area we are discusing whhere the bump is? I just thought about the pimples and I wonder if it could be related....I am not familiar to lymph node positions in neck...thanks again. I really appreciate ur help.
The lymph nodes above the chest are in the front of the neck just in front of the sternoclavicular muscles and behing the ears but not where you're indicating.