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Training for Taekwondo, when raising leg sideways the

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Training for Taekwondo, when raising leg sideways the opposite hip (of the leg being stood on) cramps up on the outside of the joint area. Do I just need to build up and strengthen, or should I get it looked at?
It will be a pleasure to try and help with your concerns.
Since when do you have these cramps ?
Have you tried any medications ?
Did these start suddenly after a sudden stretching movement ?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I noticed a similar cramp when taking up riding againfor a short time, four years ago, after a break of several years. This time it is since taking up Taekwondo several months ago. No medications. The muscles that stretch are not the ones that cramp. The cramp is on the opposite side to the stretch, and at the top of the joint (in the crease between the leg and the body).
Do you notice any swelling or tenderness over the area ?
Does this occur on both sides when you are raising the opposite leg ?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No swelling or tenderness. It only hurts during the leg-raise. It can happen on both sides but more often on the right (i.e. when raising the left leg).
This can be from all your weight being put on one leg. The hip joint would come under a lot of stress and this can cause the pain.
As these muscles would also need to support the weight of the body with one leg raised, the strain can also cause pain.
You can try a lesser degree of stretching to see if this pain still occurs.
If this still persists or you get a sharp pain, it would be advisable to see a doctor and have an X ray of your hip joints done, that would look for a bony abnormality like early changes of arthritis etc.
Other than that, limiting the range of motion should be able to prevent this type of stress related discomfort.
You can also try gentle exercises to build up your muscles and also to warm up well before these stretches, that would also help.
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