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For about eight months my hands become very stiff - like

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For about eight months my hands become very stiff - like paralyzed when I fall asleep. I suffer from pain in my shoulder. An x-ray showed that I have bone spurs in my neck. And now I have developed sciatica in my right leg. I have been to nine doctors and no one knows what I have. From doing research on the internet I discovered D.I.S.H. I am convinced that this is what I have but my doctor is unwilling to give me any kind of diagnosis. He says that even if it is D.I.S.H. there is nothing he could do treat this condition. Could the sciatica be related to the D.I.S.H. and is there a definitive test that I can have to confirm that in fact I have D.I.S.H?
Formation of bone spurs is the body's response to aging and bone loss.These may be seen in the heel,shoulders,hands,hips and knees.As cartilage wears away and bones rub against each other at many sites causing spur formation..They may also occur in the spine causing spinal stenosis.Bone spurs occurring at various sites including the spine may be secondary to Diffuse idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis.These can be investigated by X-ray imaging at various sites and by a MRI scan in the spine.Once diagnosed DISH can be treated conservatively by drugs,physiotherapy and if needed by arthroscopic surgery.Your Doctor/PCP and Neurosurgeon may be able to guide you further.
You would need to get X-rays of the spine to diagnose any stenosis caused by spurs in the cervical or lumbar spine.The sciatica is usually caused by compression of the lumbar spinal nerves due to aging and disc prolapse due to disc degeneration ,vertebral and other causes of spinal stenosis.Spinal spurs are easily diagnosed by X-rays, also there may be bony growth on the spinal ligaments which can be seen on X-rays of the spine.You need to be assessed by a orthopaedic Surgeon or a Rheumatologist who can investigate you and guide you further.You can request your PCP for a referral.There is no mention of a specific therapy for DISH in medical literature. is a site of interest .
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