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Daegan12, Nurse
Category: Health
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Experience:  I have many years experience as a nurse, and have worked in many areas. I have worked with people of all ages.
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I'm already disappointed. I just asked what to me is a very

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I'm already disappointed. I just asked what to me is a very personal question explaning my problem and now your telling me to ask my question again. You have my information, why can't you give me some answers???
Hello. I am sorry you are having this problem and I am going to try to help answer this for you. There are some things you can do during sex to help prevent premature ejaculation. One thing to do is change your breathing. When you slow down your breathing you are also slowing down your arousal level. This will take some practice but will work! Another thing to do is slow down your movements. This will also help. You can also change your focus. Do not focus on the body part that you are using but instead think of other body parts. This takes the focus off, and can help a lot. Also make your foreplay longer. This will get her excited and will prolong the experience. Some people say taking a warm shower right before you have sex will help with this problem as well. Some doctors say a warm shower actually numbs the penis to a certain point and usually does better then the numbing agents. I hope these ideas help you and I wish you the best.
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