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I am a 29 yr old woman. I have never been pregnant and have

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I am a 29 yr old woman. I have never been pregnant and have not been sexually active for the past year. My labia minora, which used to be pink, have turned to a very dark purple/brown color, and it seems to have happened suddenly. My clitoris is still pink as it was before; the dark color starts right beneath it. What could have caused this and can anything be done to reverse the discoloration? Thank you!
Hello. This could be very normal. Any time you are sexually aroused the blood does rush and you can have this dark color appear on your labia. This doesn't mean just when you are having sex, but anytime your hormones change. However it is worth going into your OB doctor to make sure you do not have any type of infection. There are usually other symptoms if in fact it were an infection such as itching, or a damp feeling. I believe it really is nothing. There isn't anything you can do to change the color. Have it checked out, get the doctor to rule out any sort of infection and then you will at least know it isn't anything to worry about. I wish you the best with everything.
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