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Does pravastatin create swallowing problems? what are the

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does pravastatin create swallowing problems? what are the side effects of pravastatin?
Hello. There are a lot of possible side effects with this medication. It doesn't necessarily cause trouble swallowing however it could cause throat swelling which would cause some trouble swallowing. Some other side effects are heart burn, fatigue, lack of energy, flu like symptoms, rash, itching, yellowing of skin and eyes, unusual bleeding or bruising, and nausea. If you have any of these problems I would talk to you doctor right away. Also if you are having trouble swallowing it very well may be due to some swelling in your throat and it is important that you let your doctor know that. If you feel that it is hard to breathe you should go to your local ER as soon as possible to see if you are having a reaction to it. I hope you are feeling better and I wish you the best.
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