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Dr. Abby
Dr. Abby, Board Certified MD
Category: Health
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Experience:  Family Physician, practicing medicine for over 10 years, United States
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Dr. Abby Only-: I got a phone call from Dr.#2 tonight, and i

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Dr. Abby Only-:
I got a phone call from Dr.#2 tonight, and i would like your input.
Nothing of great surprise. Although I thought he would have wanted you to use the cane more...
I am not sure whether you are disappointed about the second epidural and waiting but I do agree that the longer you can wait the better. If the pain is due to a nerve from a disk in the back, the neurontin should help.
Hopefully you are happy with his response...
Dr Abby
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I am not unhappy w/his responses--i can well understand why i "have" to wait for the next shot....makes sense....whether i like it or not, i have to accept it, right? What i DON'T understand is why the Neuronten hasn't YET helped the shin/ankle, tho' it IS a little better....he did niot recc i take a larger dose than i am already taking(400mgs.2X daily-Dr. Cohen said above this there is really no additional benefit, and side efffects increase--HE'S the one who said i should work up to the 400--)

BTW-i made an app't to see him when we get back from our Musical Activities(will write again about musicals, etc. from there;no time now :( ) and the Baseball Hall of Fame-will be away from tomorrow 'til Mon. eve,but i can use comp again once we get to MA on Sat.,so that is when i will try to catch up w/you-My cough has worsened recently,so i need to see him once i'm back in Larchmont(NY) againto get checked out-When i breathe in deeply i have to cough, and the cough seems and sounds worse.Hopefully, the hycodan will cover me OK 'til then.



Agreed, the neurontin should be working by now if it were going to have an impact on that pain.
As for the cough, I am sorry it has returned. It is good that you are following up with your doctor about it..l
I hope you are able to enjoy your time away despite what is going on,
Dr Abby
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanx--i sure will try!!!!
Good. Be safe and enjoy. I will be thinking of you!
Dr Abby
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Keeping these 2 questions 'open..."

Off in a bit.

I am glad you will be thjinking of me....really, i am.

I am taking The cane for the Hall of Fame and Tanglewood and Glimmerglass (all worth googling!!)....People seem a LOT nicer to me when i have it,and i can use it or not, depending on my need--So once again, many, many thanx for your advice....

I will be in touch, prob'ly while you are working!!!! oh well--i will make sure we DO connect.



I glad to hear you are taking your now trusted friend with you... Maybe you will get the VIP treatment this weekend. Lol.
Dr Abby
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi, Dr. Abby-:

Well, our little "Vacation(some might call it a TAD hectic!)"is coming to an end, and i wanted to connect with you....

I DID use the cane; quite a bit, in fact....but i also overdid it some; 'never seem to know how much is TOO much until i try....not always w/such positive results.....Also, i never know whether the cane will be a help or a hindrance....w/o it(my "new, trusted friend"--well put, as always! ),i feel as free as a bird until the hip pain begins, so i grab onto it-'Have decided to take the folding one in a tote bag and use it as needed, which will be interesting(as to how MUCH).Last night, for instance,i could barely walk at day's end;it was pretty bad.Today i did a little better, but i did a lot less(however, we attended a WONDERFUL concert-last night,too-Handicapped park. helps a LOT!

Do you think the hip shot did ANY good????
Your fan,


I would like to think that the injection did do some good.
But, only you can say whether your amount of pain is less with the same amount of activity.

I am glad that you enjoyed the concert. I thought of you over the weekend and wondered how you were getting along.

I hope that today is a better day than the last two.

Dr Abby
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Good Morning, Dr. Abby-:

Yes, i think that the ACCUMULATION of injections has helped. Since i was less active yesterday and feel somewhat better today, i think i just have to take things a bit more slowly--both T and i agree we went to "Stage 3' instead of to "Stage 2" RIGHT from Stage 1--a MISTAKE for us BOTH, as HIS arm pained as well....

So this morning i am hopeful i can get back to wherever i WAS before all of the excessive acticity(i didn't even mention the HILL i had to walk up in oder to GET to the Hall of Fame--HARD!!--and i had to do it sev. times for GOOD reasons i could explain if we were facebook Friends-not 'nuff room here).

I will try very hard to do an Attitude Adjustment....

What do you think, w/this paltry amount of info?



Inclines can be hard on the hip so I am not surprised you felt worse. I do not expect you to be any worse for the wear in the long run. I would just give it a few days to calm down and I think you will feel much better ( fingers crossed)
Dr Abby
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