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Nurse Susan
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I am a healthy 37 yr old male but have an a little

Resolved Question:

I am a healthy 37 yr old male but have an a little overweight since many years in the form of an ugly belly which i can not get rid of. Finally last month i went to a doctor and after looking at my blood test, she said everything was good and referred me to a dietician. I am right now starting the diet that the dietician gave me. My questions are:
1-she told me to drink a lot of wáter everyday to make my metabolism run faster so that it helps loosing weight. But if i do that, doesn't it mean i age faster? As a faster running machine ages faster, isnt it the case?
2-The dietician also told me to walk a lot but if i run i just burn muscle and not fat.
Or if i simply dont eat, i would be thinner but my belly would stay.
Are these two things also true?
3-I was taking those fish oil pills before but stopped after i heard something negative about it. Should I start them again? In my blood test, my good cholesterol was a little low - HDL cholesterol 33.83 mg/dl. total cholesterol was 190. LDL cholesterol is 126
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Nurse Susan replied 5 years ago.

I hope I can help you here. Please understand though that no one online can diagnose or state anything with absolute certainty, all I can do is make my best educated guess based on what you wrote.

I can understand your concern about aging faster if your metabolism is speeded up but I assure you that is not the case. Time itself is not flowing faster, you are not going to experience the passage of one year in a month. The chemical processes of your body though may be increased, and unlike a machine, you can repair some damages; a motor needs outside maintenance. The motor doesn't age faster, its parts wear out sooner. Thats not the case in the human body, really. Arthritis and other degenerative changes don't happen sooner if we are more active. In fact, activity can increase health and abilities later on in life, making us more resistant to illness.

Walking is actually better for most people...running is very stressful on peoples knee joints, and a fast walk is a low stress way to burn fat and gain muscle. It has to be a brisk walk though, not an idle amble.

If you simply did not eat, your metabolism would slow down, making it very hard to lose weight because your body would think it needs to conserve what resources it had.

Fish oil pills are supposed to increase the levels of good cholesterol due to the type of fat they have (omega 3). Yes, your level of 33 is a bit on the low side, it should be over 40. There are other ways to increase the HDL are dong some of them by losing weight and exercising. Here is a good web reference on HDL cholesterol:

I hope I was able to help, and good luck on your diet plan,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thanks so faster metabolism doesnt mean aging faster i understand
how about fish oil pills? should i take them? if so how many a day?
and do you recommend taking one multi vitamin pill / day? such as one of those "one a day" type multivitamins?
Expert:  Nurse Susan replied 5 years ago.

I would suggest, if you wish and after consulting with your doctor who knows you better than I, the fish oil pill as per the bottles instructions. And yes, a daily multivitamin tablet is a good idea as well.

I hope that helps,
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