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Dr. Jerry E
Dr. Jerry E, Doctor (MD/DO)
Category: Health
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Experience:  1 yr experience family medicine (adult and children), emergency medicine for five years
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DO YOU THINK "SUPER GREEN MAX PLUS" powder has anything to

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DO YOU THINK "SUPER GREEN MAX PLUS" powder has anything to do with this?: 'I' am 67 years old, weight=140 lb, height=5'6"), and healthy otherwise. In the past month or 2, I started having skin symptom that I do not remember ever having, or at least for the past 10 years, or more. After being bitten by fleas (first time in 12 years) while walking through an an infected yard, I had about 5 bites on each ankle, and 2 on each leg/thigh, 1 on the butt. Two weeks later, none of the bites (each like an open sore/boil) healed but each TAKING TURNS (rotating) increasing in itch, some times enlarging itself (hive-like) and sometimes a bigger open sore. My family doctor says it is an allergic reaction to flea bites (but I never remember having this, or this serious, before). And prescribed MUPIROCIN ointment, which I applied for two weeks now and it actually slowly closed the sores, and reduced the hives, as long as I keep applying. (I can still feel something (itching etc) is still trying to come up in turns thru these spots) My own theory is this, and I would like your opinion: I started taking SUPER GREEN MAX PLUS (Swanson health product) about two weeks before being bitten by fleas. I have never ever taken any GREEN power before, but I thought maybe that may help my cholestorol, triglicerite, and glucose, all 3 of which are on the high border line limits for some time (instead of taking a (holistic/herbal) pill, or pills, for each condition). I have avoided taking prescription drugs for any of that so far. So I suspect some component in that powder is causing undesirable changes in my body. By the way, I know the fleas never got to my hair, but I now remember that even before the flea incident, I had one small boil on my scalp (at back of head near neck) that refused to heal after it started, and now I have 3 boils altogether about 1 cm apart from each other. Please advise: 1) whether this theory is viable, and if not, what may be the cause(s), and solutions. 2) what green/health products show I turn to for my age, and conditions (if not super green)?
Hello, this is Dr. E. Greetings from New York! I'm so glad you posted your question for me to answer, and I aim to provide you with accurate info.
To verify, you are interested in knowing if there is a link between your use of Super green max plus and the way your skin heals from abrasions. Correct? If not, please let me know exactly what you are looking for.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
That is correct: "if there is a link between your use of Super green max plus and the way your skin heals from abrasions."
No, there is no link between the two. If anything, your usage of Super Green should strengthen your skin's ability to heal faster.Depending on the type of skin infection, the time and manner in which the abrasion heals may vary. Bacterial skin infections can occur from insect bites and may be more difficult to heal.

A supplement to boost your immunity would serve you well.
Triple Greens Powder® by Purity Products is highly recommended. It does the following-
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