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I've had stomach issues for the last two years. It began as

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I've had stomach issues for the last two years. It began as extreme heartburn, sometimes to the point where I couldn't breathe. I went into the doctor, and they told me many different things. I was sent to have an endoscopy, and they found nothing out of the ordinary. I have also done a barium swallow which confirmed that I have GERD. I was still having issues, and they sent me in for a gallbladder ultrasound and a blood test of gluten sensitivity. They found many gallstones, and I then had my gallbladder removed in October. The blood test for the gluten issue came back negative, though a holistic nutritionist said to stay away from it and wheat itself. I am still having issues, and my symptoms no one seems to understand or to have heard of before: I am nauseous 95% of the time, every day. I also always feel hungry, like when you haven't eaten in forever and it is grumbling and gurgling. In the beginning, the only thing that would make the heartburn go away was eating, which in turn made me nauseous. This has caused me to gain weight. I still have heartburn, though I am on omeprazole once a day. I was also on Reglan for a short period of time but that didn't seem to help, so they took me off because of the potential side-effects. Lately, I have been having diarrhea nearly three times a week and it is beginning to get uncomfortable. Last week, I had loose stools and I felt like I emptied out my entire colon, but still felt the urge to "bear down" but nothing would come out, almost like the dry-heaves when you're vomiting. I have not had a bowel movement since then, and my stomach is sore or tender to the touch. I don't know if these symptoms are related, but I have gotten to the point where I feel like I am falling apart. I'm only 21, I feel like I shouldn't have this much of an issue so young. Any advice or feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.
It is my pleasure to help you today
sorry to hear about your symptoms
the fact that you have this change in your bowel movement habit,dissension and pain would make me suggest talking to your Dr about scheduling colonoscopy and abdominal CT scan
IBS or irritable bowel syndrome should be ruled out with these symptoms if positive you may need different medications than the ones that you are on now mean while try to stay away from carbonated beverages, salads, raw fruits and vegetables — especially cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower and fried food
Hope you get better soon
Any other questions let me know
if I was able to help you  your (EXCELLENT) rating is very important to me so I would get compensated for my time and answer
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
In your opinion, what do you think the reasoning for the continued hunger and nausea is? Have you seen anything like this before? I have done this type of information gathering as a last resort of sorts because no one seems to have any answers to give me and I am getting very discouraged. Do you have any other information or ideas that I should be looking into?
a CT scan of the abdomen should be done 1st to rule out any visible mass or condition that may be partially obstruction the GI track and causing such symptoms especially if upper endoscopy was negative
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