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Maximum dose of GABA and Valerian Root

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Is it safe to take GABA and Valerian Root together?
I have anxiety, which most of the time is under control. But a few times a month, it's out of control and I need something strong to knock it out and slow me down! I really don't want to turn to Xanax but need something equivalent.

What would be the maximum dose of valerian and gaba I can take together, on days where my anxiety is out of control. Thanks. 
As a sleep aid, the recommended dosage of valerian extract is 400 - 900 mg
taken 30 min before bedtime. For anxiety, the recommended dosage of valerian
extract is 220 mg of extract three times daily. The daily dosage of valerian
extract should not exceed 1800 mg, and it is not meant for long-term use. Now it is important to realize that GABA and Valeian are the same thing! You shouldn't be taking these together as they are the same. I hope this helps you and I wish you the best.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Varian and Gaba aren't the same thing. There's anxiety supplements out there that have both in them.
Hello. I saw you left poor feedback. You do not want to take more then the reccommended dose with those two combined. You need to be careful of taking too much as they both are VERY similar and both have similar substances. The recommended doses I did provide and you can not exceed those with the combination. I do not suggest taking these together but if you chose to do so monitor the doses that you are taking in. I hope this has helped you and positive feedback would be appriciated.
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