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I have a burning sensation in my inner upper right thigh

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I have a burning sensation in my inner upper right thigh which occurs mostly when standing or putting weight on the leg. Is this musculature and what can I do about it. I have had it over a week now.
It is my pleasure to help you today
any back problems or pain?
any diabetes
varicose veins?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I don't have back problems or pain although some years back I did have a nerve problem. No varicose veins to know about. I am borderline diabetic and rung fasting blood sugars of about 100 -- 115. My Hba1c was 6.2 last month and 5.8 before it so it is under control.

I have a little more information for you. If I get up I don't always feel the pain but if I stand on one leg and left the right leg I feel the stiffness and pain. I am about 280 lbs obese and I suspect either muscle inflammation or some nerve root involvement
this symptom can be caused by several causes,diabetes,sciatica,nerve pinch,muscle
in your case your diabetes does not seem to be the problem to be with 5.8 HbA1c
that would make the nerve pinch and muscle as the remaining causes for this... having a history of nerve problem may indicate that it may be the reason of it this time again it is not uncommon to present this way what i would suggest is taking ibuprofen every 6-8 hours for 2 weeks unless you have stomach problem that will decrease the inflammation that may be causing such irritation to the nerve and causing this sensation
if still no improvement an MRI of the back should be done on your back to rule out herniated disk
I Hope you get better soon
Any other questions let me know
if I was able to help you  your (EXCELLENT) rating is very important to me so I would get compensated for my time and answer
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sounds right to me. Will try Ibuprofen. Its intermittent so I didn't do anything. I am almost sure its some nerve of some sort. I left my leg and its front left to medial of the thigh almost where it joins my buttocks. I will try the ibuprofen. I didn't think to do this. It occurred after standing for an hour at a concert. If it continues after two weeks I will consider seeing a neurologist if it doesn't get incapacitating which is unlikely. Thanks for the answer.