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Andy PhD DABT, Toxicologist
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Can a drager car interlock device in my car detect cocaine

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Can a drager car interlock device in my car detect cocaine in my system?
The Drager interlock device is used to detect alcohol in the breath, just like a breathalyzer. It will only detect alcohol, not cocaine.
By the way, alcohol is the only drug that you can get arrested for based on how much is in your body. Drugs like cocaine have no cutoff level like the 0.08% or 0.1% blood alcohol level. Blood drug levels can help in making a conviction, but by itself can't be the cause of an arrest. What is used for arresting people who drive while under the influence of drugs other than alcohol is the driver's level of impairment. On the street a person who fails a field sobriety test, but has no alcohol in them will be taken to the police station and examined by a drug recognition expert (DRE), who will run several tests on the driver. Blood is usually taken to look for drugs, but the arrest will depend more on the evaluation made by the DRE. The evaluation is more like a physical in that they look at you blood pressure, pupil dilation, and several other medical of psychological measurements.
So long story short, even if there was a device to detect cocaine in the breath, there is no cut off in which a device could say you were unfit to drive.
I hope this answers your question.
Take care and drive safe,
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