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Nurse Susan
Nurse Susan, Nurse (RN)
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Experience:  RN, BSN, MSN-ED, Nurse Educator whose passion is helping people understand their health and wellness
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I am 30 yrs old caucasian female. married and four children.

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I am 30 yrs old caucasian female. married and four children. I have been told by multiple doctors to get an MRI. I havent, because of money. My symptoms are loss of memory, (no I have never hit my head) such as driving I cant remember where I am going or how to get home, even if I have been to the destination countless times. tunnel like vision and flipping forward sensation. my speech has slowed and I feel dizzy and if there is too much stimuli I get how do I explain... not flooded, simply... just cant place it... like I ''short out'' .. I have become crabby at times. these have all started about two to two and a half years ago. I have had health troubles, such as hypoglycemia (but even when glucocometer reads normal and blood sugar is stable, dizzy, and flipping sensation continues.) and I am recovering from blood clot in leg. (still on coumadin, 7.5 every day, for six mos) I have tried to pinpoint it. it is not with any particular pattern, it doesnt seem triggered by anything, it has just increased from a few times a month to several times a week and now its several times a day. it is getting harder to function and do daily tasks. please do not say take a test. Please tell me what you think may be wrong.
It is my pleasure to help you today
if you give me your zip code i can help you by giving you the nearest free/very low cost medical center so you can have your MRI done
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
99336 ..that is all? I appreciate your assistance in finding a low cost treatment center, but isnt there some way for you to tell me what might be wrong? I am 5'4'', and 128 lbs. I excercise every day, swim, bike and jog. I am hoping you can just tell me what it could be, is it a pinched nerve? I have seen a chiropractor. can you just tell me the possibilities so I can try to solve them on my own? I debated with my husband all evening whether or not to spend these 18 dollars , Please, tell me your honest opinion, I know you can only know so much without that test, but can you tell me what it may be?
sorry to hear about that memory loss in your young age can due to many reasons ,psychogenic like depression can be a cause,head trauma,vit B1 deficiency especially if you drink alcohol,also some Prescription drugs that may cause memory loss in young people include aminophylline, tricyclic antidepressants, barbiturates, methyldopa, bromide, isoniazid, diuretics and digoxin,also if low blood sugar happens this may lead to these symptoms as well
all of that can cause it plus if there disease in the brain itself.. these are the common causes for such symptom in your age what we can do we can try to get the MRI in 5th ave urgent care 507 N 5th Ave, Pasco, WA###-##-####its very low cost/free if eligible too and then this would direct us to the right path of treatment
Hope you get better soon
Any questions let me know
if I was able to help you  your (EXCELLENT) rating is very important to me so I would get compensated for my time and answer
Hello JACustomer,

I know you do not have allot of money, but I am reading your symptoms with some interest because they seem somewhat similar to my own. I would like very much to try and help you but I need allot more information. Please explain this "flipping forward sensation"? Do you feel motion of any sort (rocking, spinning disequilibrium etc) when there is nothing there? What happened 2.5 years ago, before this started? Were you sick, did you have a head injury? Does what you see make you worse? How is a grocery store for you? Does anything happen when you use the windshield wipers on your car?

Any surgical history at all, ever? What medical history besides blood clots do you have?

I am heading off for the night; its 2:am where I am, but I will see your reply tomorrow.

Thanks for clarifying,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have had issues with blood poisoning in the past, and have had two miscarriages, one just recently at five months pregnant, in January. My doctor thought that due to the pregnancy the blood clot was from that, but the strange dizzy spells have been for years, i started realizing they were bothersome around two-2.5 yrs ago but cant really pinpoint when it started. I have excused it with everything, thought it was from anxiety, depression, fatigue, but I have remedied each thing, I go to bed at a reasonable time (around ten, usually ) my diet is healthy and steady and I excercise and live an enjoyable life, I have a happy marriage etc. so on with the symptoms, yes, I know people are forgetful sometimes, but this is different, I really cant remember very important things, my vision has been checked but I have trouble seeing at times,but more than the visual disturbances is the confusion... at the grocery store is when its the worst. too much stimuli and I become lost. I avoid things I used to love, the fair, the mall, because I get lost, I cant remember where I am going, my husband jokes I will forget who I am, but I dont laugh anymore. I have been told its from this or that, like pregnancy or vitamin deficiency, but this started so long ago, before the pregnancys .and I am good about my vitamins.. I lose my concentration and sometimes literally have to hang on to something .. but it doesnt match anxiety because I can be relaxed and i breathe easy through it, its just embarrasing and the flipping forward sensation is the best I can describe it, its a little like standing too high on something and looking down and getting a whoozy feeling, only your just flat on your feet. I dont get it, its gotten to the point its every few mins now.. I feel like I am always looking from the wrong end of a telescope. in the daytime I have trouble getting tasks done, in the middle of the task, (such as folding laundry, ) I will forget what I am doing, and stand there for ten mins. holding the shirt, wondering how I got down to the laundry room. this is just an example of the constant nuisance of losing my short term memory, but now its beginning to spill over to long term. Places I have been to so many times, I am forgetting often. Such as, I go to Winco to grocery shop every Tuesday for years. but now I cant remember how to get there. even when my husband draws me a map, and its only 14 blocks away and I could drive there with my eyes closed, I get lost, nearly every time. does this happen to you? I do so hope you understand., not that I would wish this humiliation on anyone.
Hello JACustomer,

Thank you so much for that additional detail. Some of what you write is rather like what I have been going through. The feeling of motion or imbalance/ disequilibrium when there is really no actual movement is called vertigo, something I know all too well. It certainly can be disabling, and while people with vertigo can have memory issues, simply because it is disorienting to be so unstable, yours seem to be far more than what I would call normal and makes me think vertigo and something else is happening here...but please understand that online no one can state anything as a certainty, all I can do is offer my best guess based on what you wrote.

A bit of background: The body regulates balance three ways: the inner ear, the eyes (what we see) and the central brain which puts it all together you could say. If one of those systems are "off" and the other two cant compensate, vertigo will result.

The problem is, people have many ideas and theories, but no one knows for sure why people get vertigo, and online no one can determine your exact cause. Here are some possible causes, both from the central brain and inner ear.

Possible reasons why people get vertigo include migraines, and I am heavily leaning into this idea for a cause in your case, but usually the vertigo is followed by a headache, though there can be migraine vertigo without headache. Often in migraine vertigo there is extreme visual sensitivity; flashing lights, patterns, and high contrast can make the person feel miserable. That is why I asked about grocery stores; while I do not have migraine vertigo my vertigo is visually mediated and grocery stores are a horror because as you said, there is too much stimulation. I like your analogy "looking from the wrong end of a telescope".

There is also cervical vertigo, which is not well understood at all, thought to arise from injuries or trauma to the cervical vertebrae. This does not seem to describe you.

Head trauma can cause vertigo as well. This does not seem to describe you as you deny it.

A condition called Meniere's disease can also cause vertigo, though that is usually accompanied by ringing in the ears and temporary hearing loss. You don't appear to have this, as you do not state you have ringing in your ears or hearing loss, but no one can state anything for certain online.

Tumors of the inner ear called acoustic neuromas can cause vertigo, but they to are often accompanied by ringing and at times hearing loss. This doesn't seem to be the case from what you write...but again, cant guarantee anything on an online forum.

The most common form of vertigo is benign paroxysmal positional...meaning that on sudden movements of the head, spinning sensations develop. That can be a result of little sediments that deposit in the inner ear canal.

Vertigo also can be a sign of multiple sclerosis.Onset here is typically sudden, and the person with MS will find themselves unable to move their eyes towards their nose, ie look inwards.

A rare brain defect called a chiari malformation can result in vertigo.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can result in vertigo.

Bacteria and viral infections as well can cause vertigo. That was originally the case in my situation.

Last on my list is anxiety; anxiety can cause a whole host of symptoms in people because of its affect on the body. It should be the last thing that is considered as the cause of anyones vertigo. Physical causes should be ruled out.

Treatment depends on the cause, and the cause is determined by knowing the history and the results of a physical exam. In Menieres disease, often a diuretic is given, as well as a low salt diet as salt is thought to be one of the culprits. In BPPV, exercises can be prescribed to settle the sediments in the inner ear. In vertigo caused by bacteria and viral infections, steroids and valium (when the vertigo was truly bad) can be used, in addition to Meclazine (sold OTC as Bonine). In vertigo caused by migraines, migraine medications can be tried.

The length of time it lasts is very dependent on the cause. Some vertigos are remarkably easy to treat while others can be more difficult. Vertigo caused by a cold normally lasts a few weeks to a few months for the truly unfortunate. Migraine caused vertigo can be difficult to get under control and can involve finding the right medication.

I know money is tight for you but this is beyond the scope of knowledge of your general practitioner. The specialist you should see is an neurologist; usually I suggest an ENT (ears, nose, and throat) physician first but as your vertigo sounds like it may have a central origin rather than an inner ear one, Id rather, with you, suggest neurology first. An MRI is certainly something to consider, and a discussion with a neurologist would help determine if its something that you would benefit from. I really think you do need to be seen by a specialist, whatever this is and whatever is causing it is getting worse.

There ARE tests that can be done to pinpoint where the vertigo is coming from (central vs. inner ear) . They include things like ENG's and Rotator Chair and Caloric Testing. Those all look for specific abnormal eye movements called nystagmus; the pattern helps determine where the vertigo originates.

Treatments can include the above (and other) medications, and there are also special vestibular rehabilitation specialists who give exercises to help retrain the brain and help it rewire and correct whatever damage the vertigo did, if there is a vertigo present. There are also visual therapists as well should there be a optical cause or exacerbating factor to the vertigo; as is in my case. If there is a structural defect or a tumor that is the cause, that would need to be treated as appropriate.

What I would suggest is that make an appointment with your doctor and discuss all this, and a referral to a neurologist as needed. I do think since all this is worsening that you need to be seen. Generally, its easier to fix something the sooner it is caught.

Here is a useful website regarding all things vertigo:

An outside possibility occurs to me. You may be having some sort of seizure event, maybe an odd complex partial seizure. For this as well you would need to see a neurologist. Information about these are here:

I realize money is tight for you. Here are some web pages with links to low cost clinics: and and

I really and truly hope I was able to help.

Nurse Susan, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 1091
Experience: RN, BSN, MSN-ED, Nurse Educator whose passion is helping people understand their health and wellness
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hello.. I thought I had mentioned it before, but my tinnitus started around the same time, I thought I mentioned that... such loud ringing that I cant sleep sometimes, a ceiling fan or white noise makes it bearable, but has been so consistent for many months I thought it was not connected... I didnt realize this was of importance. my husband took me to an ear / nose / throat specialist, and said no one knows what causes tinnitus, but that it was more prominent in left ear... I never imagined it could be related, please dont think me stupid, I did not even think they could be related,... I am researching your expertise, and am impressed the time you are taking.. you have no idea how much appreciation is coming from this family of six in Tri-Cities WA to you.
Hello JACustomer,

Thank you so much for your kind words, it means allot to me. It helps me if I can possibly assist someone else to not have what I do.

Absolutely it could be connected. Tinnitus is a symptom of something, more than a diagnosis. Some forms of vertigo do have tinnitus: Menieres disease, acoustic neuroma to name two. I would get a second opinion from a different ENT if the first one was not so ...forthcoming. In any profession there can be good practitioners and ones that are less so; I had to see a few doctors before the cause of my vertigo was finally identified (though to be fair, it is something pretty unique).

I looked around the web for a vertigo specialist in your area that seemed decent. I am in NY, so can not vouch for these people at all, but their web page looked right to me: They are ENTS. I still want you seen by neurology but as you say you have tinnitus, an ENT exam / revisit is also appropriate. I could not find a neurology group; if you go to these ENTs you can ask them for a recommendation. The ENT exam may miss some vertigos arising from a central cause, that is my concern.

I hope that helped,