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I had a I had a high risk encounter with a "working" woman

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I had a I had a high risk sexual encounter with a "working" woman (I'm male) on June 21 last month I had protected oral sex with this woman. (No other sexual things performed only oral) I ejaculated in the condom outside her mouth. To my knowledge the condom was not damaged in anyway and stayed on the whole time. Monday of this week I have started to have nasty symptoms of the following: ears peeling with skin, skin seems to have reddish rosey color to it, slightly itchy in shoulders and various areas. What I think are hives come and go throughout the day behind my ears, on forearm. Flushy fever sensations, achy muscles off and on (lower back, neck, elbow, calve) rashes that come and go in a day or less on center of chest, neck, and elbow. Sore dry nostrils. I also highly suspect I have herpes but I have never had a sore but seem to match all the symptoms above. (my doctor says the only way to test for herpes is to take a sample of the sore which I don't seem to get.) He has diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, but sometimes I feel this is incorrect diagnosis. My question is what is the actual likely hood of HIV transmission in the above situation (assumeing I have herpes). (Please dont just say low risk, what does that mean? what is the percenatage likely hood) With the limited info above what do you think of my symptoms? (I understand the best diagnosis would need to be seen in person)
Thanks in advance.
Hello JACustomer,

I would like to try and help you but I need some more information/ clarification. The only sexual act you had was the oral sex, and the ENTIRE time you were wearing a condom?

Regarding the rashes that you have had, may I ask your occupation? Do you spend allot of time outside, in the summer sun or outdoors?

Thank you for the additional details,

One more question...was it a latex or vinyl condom you used? It was not a lambskin or any other animal product based one?

Thanks again,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am not sure on the type of condom. vinyl or latex or lambskin I can verify they were new though, Watched her open them. Sorry not sure about the material. I was not aware different ones offer different protection so I paid no attention to this honestly
Hello JACustomer,

Thats OK. I can still try and help you. Latex and Vinyl condoms are impermeable (in the laboratory setting at least) to the HIV virus. If you used this type of condom, your risk level percentage is very close to being zero. There have been various studies done where one HIV infected person had protected sex with his NON HIV+ partner; the results have shown a "high degree of protection". Link to the CDC page here:

But let us pretend for a moment that you were wearing a lambskin condom...they do not protect very well against STDs because the viruses and bacteria can go between the "pores" in the material. So, for the sake of the math here lets pretend she had HIV, and lets also pretend you were NOT wearing any condom at all.

If 10,000 HIV negative people had insertive oral sex with 10,000 HIV positive people, only 0.5 of that 10,000 would wind up with HIV. The reason is that saliva is not really considered a mode of transmission for the virus; the one receiving the oral sex has more of a risk because that one gets the sperm which is a mode of transmission.

And even then, that risk is low; 1 in 10,000, as above. Link to the chart I used is here:

As to your rashes and pains...I know you understand we can not diagnose, all we can offer here is an educated guess based on what you wrote. I asked what you did professionally because I am wondering if these rashes could be heat rashes. They are known for being rather transient in nature, and this is a brutally hot summer the USA is facing. Your achy muscles could be fibromyalgia, as you do have that, or you could be a bit dehydrated; many people don't drink enough fluids in the summer and can get heat sick, especially if outdoors, but without allot more information that is just a guess. If you do spend allot of time outdoors though it may be wise to talk to your doctor about a Lyme's disease test...Lyme's disease is a tick borne illness transmitted by the deer tick, and it can cause achy joints.

You can have a blood test to see if you have been exposed to the herpes simplex virus; if you have and it is there, you will have antibodies which the test will detect. Not everyone has outbreaks they can recognize; some peoples cases are very mild. Herpes Simplex 1 is a common virus which most adult Americans have.

Ive skimmed over your other questions....I think given your history of high risk encounters it would be wise to have HIV testing done periodically. But from what you wrote tonight to me, your risk is negligible, as the numbers above show.

And a chart about STDs and their signs and symptoms:

I hope I was able to help,
Nurse Susan and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have asked others doctors on this sight different things and let me tell you by far you have given me the absolute best answers! and Directions to helpful sites, and the responses were very detail which I was looking for. Gave my #'s and not just "low risk" responses I have read doing my own research. Thank you so Much!!
Hello JACustomer,

Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope things go well for you and that you feel better. Please remember to rate my question if you felt it helpful, rating us (positively) is the only way we get paid here, that way Just Answer will release my share of the funds to me.