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After suffering fron an anal fissure for months I had a

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After suffering fron an anal fissure for months I had a Lateral internal sphincterotomy 3 weeks ago. I also had some anal warts which the doctor removed during the operation. I just had my follow and the Doctor said things are healing nicely and I feel about 90% better. I forgot to ask about the warts though and if I am contagious. He had told me that there is no test to prove if the warts were HPV. He said they did a biopsy on them and they were run of the mill as he put it. My question is, can I have kiss someone and/or have any type of sexual contact now or at anytime during my life without infecting them?
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If we assume that the warts were HPV, which it sounds that they are, if your doctor said they were 'run of the mill' (they are actually easily identifiable by observation, there are not other conditions that mimic them, especially if they were biopsied and proved to be typical under examination):

You could be contagious, or someone could contract HPV from you anally, but if you do not have warts in your mouth you would not be contagious if kissing someone.

This is true, even if the warts are no longer visible.

The safest bet is to always use a condom which will protect both partners against genital warts.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The doctor had checked me out and I had warts in no other place on my body. So just to confirm Kissing and protected sex are a go? Sorry I just want to be sure my love life is not completely over.

you can kiss and have protected sex without worrying about being contagious.

You could catch them again yourself (there are main strains of HPV), or even have another break out (less likely unless your immunity is compromised), so keep that in mind when considering partners.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Thank you so much, you did a fantastic job and provided clear answers, a true pro. I also am an expert on the site from another cat. Of course due to the personal nature of the question I had to make a new account. I also wanted to see first hand what the customer sees. Will rate in a moment.

You are so welcome and thank you so much. I'm still available if you need further details.