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I quit smoking almost a year ago and im using the elctronic

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I quit smoking almost a year ago and im using the elctronic cigarette now, i just need to know if there is any risk to my health because of the usage of the electronic cigarette? be specific

I see you are working on an identical question to this with another Expert. Do you wish another answer or is this a duplicate which should be closed (I can close it for you if you wish...or try to help you if you wish another view)

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i want another answer , it looks like the other expert had problems with the chat, by the way i dont like that chat at all, i prefer the answers like this. i would like another answer if thats possible

I to have never liked the chat feature, I also prefer this style. I find it easier to interact with customers this way.

To preface this, I am stating right off the bat that I am strongly libertarian and believe in adults rights to eat and consume what they wish without undue government interference; that will affect my views...which I know are unlike the other Expert who answered you before.

There is no question in my mind that the e-cigarette, while not a paragon of healthy living by any means, is far safer than conventional cigarettes. Conventional cigarettes have over 1,000 different chemicals, many of them known to be carcinogens, like formaldehyde and tar. The e-cigarette only has nicotine and thus has only the dangers of nicotine. So, on that basis alone there is less danger as there are far fewer toxic substances. The only identified one being nicotine.

That is, of course, if your e-cigarette is made in the USA. If it is made in other nations who have less stringent safety standards than we do, there is a chance of other chemical contamination. Also, the FDA thinks that the e-cigarattes vapor "may" have some trace chemicals that may be toxic. However, these same chemicals have been found in nicotine chewing gum, and in the nicotine patch. Actual cigarettes have chemicals KNOWN to be toxic.

Reason Magazine, a libertarian site has written many articles about the FDA' their view...misguided response to the e-cigarette: is a terrific read for more information, along with physician quotes saying that the e-cigarettes can save lives by reducing actual cigarette use and studies show that.

I hope that was helpful, and good luck in your efforts to quit.
Nurse Susan and other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
That's what i thought.
thanks so much, i was just wanting to be sure, because the only thing im looking to get using the electronic cigarette is healthier than i was, and i also vape around my daughter and i wanted to be completely sure that it was fine.

thanks a lot i will rate your answer now

You are very welcome...please though don't think I believe it is safe and harmless; it does have all the dangers that nicotine does...and while exhaled vapors likely don't have a high dose at all of nicotine, (likely its minimal; maybe as much as conventional cigarettes but I dont know the exact dose) any nicotine there is in the exhalations would affect a child more than an adult because of their smaller body weight. The dose would be bigger because the child is smaller, if that makes sense.

Thank you for the lovely rating.