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Nurse Susan
Nurse Susan, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
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Experience:  RN, BSN, MSN-ED, Nurse Educator whose passion is helping people understand their health and wellness
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On vacation I began to retain alot of water.

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on vacation I began to retain alot of water.
Dr.Tiwari :


Dr.Tiwari :

Welcome at JA.

Dr.Tiwari :

Are you asking that you are unable to have urine frequently?

It looks that you are not on line.

Retaining or holding the urine for prolonged time is not a good habit.

Overdistension of bladder may lead to paralysis of bladder muscles.

This may also increase the chances of infection in urine or rupture of bladder.

This should not be done.

Hope this will help you.

Please let me know if you need any more assistence.

With best wishes.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am unsure if you got all of my information of how I became swollen...I am looking to know what I can do to get my body to return to normal. What can I do to get the swollen legs, feet and ankles to be normal again? Do I need to see my doctor? i am back to just drinkining water and trying to drink a little more as I just read something about tea, coffee, etc... being a diuretic and it causes more retention, which is what I am expereincing after my husband said he was told to drink lots of tea and coffee to help it go away. What can I do to get my body back to my normal state before I went on this trip?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Relist: Incomplete answer.
I elaborated on my situation and my question has not been answered.

I am sorry your question has gone so long unanswered. Please understand that online, I cant state anything with certainty, all I can do is offer my best guess based on what you've written. Water retention that leads to noticeably swollen ankles and legs is rather concerning. It could indicate a few things, and yes, I do believe you should see your doctor.

One possibility...the strongest, is that your heart may not be pumping blood as effectively as it should. When this happens, the blood backs up and creates pressure differences in areas where they should not exist, and that draws out water from the vessels where it should be to your tissues where it should not. If you have any shortness of breath or coughing or being out of breath easily on exertion, this is a possibility indeed. This condition is called congestive heart failure, or just heart failure, and more information is available about it here:

If other organs have difficulties doing what they should, blood also may not be able to flow as effectively causing fluid buildup in the wrong places. Issues with liver or kidneys can do this. Generally though there is pain if the liver is having troubles doing what it should (which is to remove toxins from the body), but some kidney damage can be painless.

Based on this, I do think it is a good idea to make a doctors visit, especially if you have difficulties or any issues in breathing or discomfort.

I hope I was able to help,

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for the information and possiblities of my problem. I have been healthy with no problems and had been at the gym 4 times a week prior to the vacation in Mexico and prior had been used to drinking mostly water 90-120 oz a Mexico I know we did not drink as mcuh water as we had been and we had been drinking beer often there as well as the couple days of fishing where we sat alot and I had no access to a bathroom to urinate. i feel the swelling is due to the lack of bathroom use and much beer drinking...could these things have caused such prolonged swelling and soreness that may need doctor treatment to resolve it? I understand that the congestive heart failure is very concerning, but I never had a single symptom of that nor ever any swelling problems. All of the swelling happened in Mexico to me and to my husband. We both are still swollen being back home as well as we both were noticing the swelling there in Mexico. i just wonder I guess really what is going on as it is both of us not just me, and the circumstances are the same for becoming swollen. Can you give any insight to that situation, of becoming swollen on vacation and what things we can do to help things subside so we are normal looking again. I dont feel any more winded than normal before the trip and like I said I go to the gym and do cardio and weight lifting and would ride my bike or go fishing in streams on the weekends before our trip to Mexico. in Mexico we did have more times of sitting in taxis and boats as well as more alcohol than we normally would have had or done.

Thank you for that additional detail. It is interesting that after your Mexico trip, both of you are having problems with water retention. It does seem to suggest that something in Mexico was the cause there; however, its impossible to state online what the cause may be and then to guess if it is innocuous or not. For all I know as I am not there it is not water retention at all, but swelling from any number of various causes ranging from the highly unlikely blood clot (you'd have pain and swelling, likely redness and warmth of the area as well...again, very unlikely that BOTH of you would develop this but you both did extended sitting, which is a risk factor) to bites of some sort that swelled. Infections as well would create swelling, but also have warmth, redness of the area and can have pus drainage as well.

If you can press in on your legs and it leaves an indent, that is called pitting edema and is absolutely a sign of possible heart failure and you should see your doctor; but heart failure can happen without this form of edema as well.

But I think something affected you both. And this swelling you both have is not normal; in healthy people whose organs are functioning correctly it would not happen. You sound like someone who was fine before the trip...exercising regularly.

Alcohol IS a diuretic, and its possible that may have affected your fluid balance, if you drank more than you do normally, but the length of time its lasted is disturbing.

Things to help alleviate it: keep your legs elevated. I do think a doctors visit is a good thing here just to make sure everything is OK and that you did not pick up something unusual...and a most unwelcome souvenir... from Mexico. Please be sure to mention your travel history.

I hope that helped,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you very much for the added information, I VERY much appreciate it. I will call my doctor and get in to see them just in case I did pick up something from Mexico. We normally dont drink but maybe a couple beers a month and in Mexico since we were celebrating, we did over do it a couple times and we a couple days of prolonged sitting and not going to the bathroom. My swelling has gone down, but with it not gone totally and then drinking all of the tea the past 2 days, it brought swelling back like it was in Mexico and it prompted me to question what my husband was saying and to look further online for some answers....I began today drinking more mwater ad e going to the bathroom, but it is concerning to me as l have never experienced anything like this. I feel that with all of our circumstances with alcohol, priolonged sitting, not going to the bathroom as needed, that they all contributed to both of us retaining water. Like I said I had been working out for quite a while before the trip and it has alarmed me with it still being noticable. Again Thank you for your information and if you have any other suggestions for me to do to see if it makes a difference in returning to normal size and looks, let me know.

You are very welcome, and I am pleased to have been of help.
Sincerely, ***** ***** hope you both feel better,
Nurse Susan, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 1091
Experience: RN, BSN, MSN-ED, Nurse Educator whose passion is helping people understand their health and wellness
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