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Nurse Susan
Nurse Susan, Nurse (RN)
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Experience:  RN, BSN, MSN-ED, Nurse Educator whose passion is helping people understand their health and wellness
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Had Laminectomy May 1, 2012. Have been on Vicoden 10/325 but

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Had Laminectomy May 1, 2012. Have been on Vicoden 10/325 but not in many months. I have also been on Norco 10/325 but stopped taking them in April 2012. Have also be on Percocet but I have an itchy reaction to that medication. Currently on Tramadol 50mg, which is like swallowing Flintstones Vitamins. I'm also on Volteran Gel 1%. I have tried ice and heat repeatedly throughout the day, during and after my PT exercises. The pain in my left hip, left knew, and left groin area in indisdcribable. I have tried nutmeg mized with tea as a natural pain reliever. I have tried Omega 1-2-3 which I read is good for pain relief, as well as fish oil. No luck. Please help. It's 5:20am and I have yet to sleep tonight and I have yet to sleep for more than a couple of hoursa since Thursday night. Any ideas?
I would like to help you out. I know that back pain is one of the most disabling conditions in America right now according to a recent study.
Has your surgeon suggested any other medications? Also are you on any other meds?
I see you have tried some natural remedies which can be very effective. You could also try Melatonin at night which would help sleep. There is also another herb called 5-HTP which has been effective on certain types of pain. Please be sure to follow manufacturers recommendations for dosage and try to pick a brand that has been inspected or regulated in some sort by an organization like the FDA. Also be sure to check any interactions with any other drugs you take.
Believe it or not but diet can also effect your pain reaction. Check into a site on the web like
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I take Melatonin every night as part of my Vitamin regime. I listed all of the pain medication I have taken which the doctor has prescribed. I need relief, like yesterday!
I understand your pain believe me. I deal with patients in severe pain everyday. Each of them reacts differently to the different mixes of drugs and herbs. I understand that you take Tramadol and Volteran Gel 1% but you say it isn't working correct? You also said you take Melatonin as part of your vitamin regimen, do you take a lot of other supplements?
I can check your interactions of all the drugs and herbs and supplements if you wish to list them all.
Hello JACustomer,

I myself have had extensive back surgery; I would like to try and help you. A few questions though, if I this pain something that has been since surgery? Or is this pain of new and sudden onset? Is the pain behind your leg to your knee or is it down the front of your leg?

Thank you for clarifying,
I saw that you rated my answer with a 1-2. I would really like to try and help, I just need some more info. I strive to get a good rating and I don't get credit for my work unless you rate at a 4-5.
I understand your pain and would like to help more.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Before the surgery, the pain was only a "shooting pain" down the back of my left leg, passed my knee into my lower leg and even into my foot. After surgery the pain is now in my lower back, left buttock, down the front and side of my thigh, into my knee. My knee, hip, and left groin hurt so bad; like I said the pain is indescribable, but if I had to compare it to something, it feels like someone is poking my thigh and lower back with an ice pick, although I've never been stabbed with an ice pice before, so I'm guessing that's what it feels like.

My entire left side of my body, from my lower back down is PAIN. I have been on Norco 10/325 but not since April 2012. I was also on Vicodin 10/325, but after devoping a severe thrombosed hemmorhoid in Nov. 2011, I stopped taking Vicodin and I haven't had a issue with hemorrhoids after that. I changed my diet completely since. I drink a ton of water and I make sure I have fiber in every meal I eat. I was also prescribed Lidocaine Patches about 8 months ago, but I hardly ever use them now because they don't work anymore.

At night I take 400mg of Seroquel, 15mg Rameron, 10-20mg Ambien, and .5 - 2 mg Klonopin (for my PTSD) and what used to make me sleep like a baby, nowI cannot sleep for more than 2-3 hours with this type of pain.

I am under the care of a surgeon, who performed the surgery on my back. I like the man a lot, but he has often claimed over the past several weeks "a couple more weeks until you feel better." I am not feeling better. In fact, I think the pain is getting worse.

I do nothing all day but lay on the couch or lay in bed, unless I take the dog out for 5 minutes, get up to make something to eat, or do some of my exercises. This back pain is ruining my life!

What can I do?

Give me a chance here to do some research on what you have just told me and I will respond in a few minutes. I really want to help you. Sometimes the MD's don't understand the pain.
Hello JACustomer,

I am so sorry for the pain you are in; it truly sounds like you are describing sciatica, the pain that results from a compressed or impinged nerve. I am concerned though...if this is a sudden new onset severe pain like this, I think you should discuss it with your surgeon or head to the Emergency Room. You write as though it is not sudden or new in onset, but I am unclear though, so am stating that to make certain. Your laminectomy is still rather new, after all; it may be wise to make sure things are still OK there. And the Emergency Room has pain control medication you do not.

Conventional pain medications....which is what you have.... wont be as effective on the special pain of neuropathic pain because the impulses travel on slightly different pathways. There are special pain medicines to deal with the pain caused by neuropathy. I suggest that you speak to your doctor about them: they include Neurontin and Lyrica.

Another medication that has been used effectively for chronic pain includes Amitriptyline; it is conventionally an anti-depressant but its been found to work well for various sorts of pain.

Here is information on Neurontin:
Information on Lyrica:
Information on Amitriptyline:

Until you do see your doctor to discuss these medications, cold packs I have found work better than hot for nerve pain, though I am sorry they did not work for you.

For chronic nerve pain there are also steroid injections, but these come with their own risk, a very rare side effect is severe damage to the hip joint.

I hope you feel better,
Nurse Susan, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 1091
Experience: RN, BSN, MSN-ED, Nurse Educator whose passion is helping people understand their health and wellness
Nurse Susan and other Health Specialists are ready to help you
There is some moderate and minor contraindications in the list of meds. Nothing that I think is causing any of the pain. Are any of these time release?
You mentioned before that you also take melatonin at night. Are there any other supplements you're taking?
The pain from the surgery can be devastating. Before you had the surgery did the surgeon give you any idea of the recovery period?