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I have had intercourse with about 3 different guys within a

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I have had intercourse with about 3 different guys within a month and since the last time on Thursday, I have been experiencing excessive clear, watery discharge. I was extremely wet during the intercourse and now I've been wearing a regular pad in order to soak up the discharge. I have no cramps, no pain out has like a vinegary smell to it but not strong at all. I have no health insurance right now and I am scared to death that it's something bad. Should I be concerned? It's sooooo excessive that it's soaking through a pad within 3 hrs. Plz, I'm petrified. Any incite would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou in advance.
Hello JACustomer,

I hope I can help here, and I am sorry that you have such anxiety over this. Please remember though that no one online can state with certainty what anything is, all I can do is offer my best educated guess based on what you wrote.

Could you have some sort of an STD? Its very possible, quite a few STDs are associated with a vaginal discharge. That it is a clear discharge makes me wonder if you may have bacterial vaginosis, which is not strictly speaking an STD at all, though it can occur after sex. However, the discharge of BV is reported as a more fishy than a vinegar smell.

In BV, the normal vaginal flora are disrupted for some reason (can be many reasons, from douching to antibiotic use to sex) so bacteria that aren't always present in the vagina can grow. Though BV can go away by itself, women who are having symptoms of it are strongly recommended to treat it; treatment is prescription medications.

For reasons no one really understands, having BV makes it easier to get STDs.

I understand you lack health insurance, and doctors visits can be expensive. But no one online can say this is BV; should this be one of the many STDs that can result in vaginal discharge like chlamydia and gonnorhea, and trichomoniasis, and its not treated, it could have bad effects on health if it inflames your uterus and fallopian tubes (pelvic inflammatory disease).

Here is a web site that lists STDs and their signs and symptoms:

This website focuses mainly on Bacterial Vaginosis:

I understand you lack insurance and these tests are expensive. Planned Parenthood offers STD testing at reduced rates/ sliding scale for people who can not afford it. There are also low cost clinics: here is a web page to help find them. and and

IF this was an STD, both you and your partners would need to be tested and treated at the same time, else you would re-infect yourself when you had sex with an untreated person who was exposed to and likely had the STD you were treated for.

I hope I was able to help,

Sincerely, Susan
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