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I was diagnosed with pink eye a week ago. I thought it was

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I was diagnosed with pink eye a week ago. I thought it was getting better. I rubed it because it felt like the lids were sticking together. Now it seems worse.
Should I go back to the doctor? On drops and a zpack.
mysticdoc :

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mysticdoc :


mysticdoc :

Thanks for your question.

mysticdoc :

what symptoms do you have exactly?

Customer: Runny stuffy nose, snoring, slight cough, coughing up mucus in the morning.
Customer: Eye was getting better is seemed
Customer: Until I rubbed it now it seems like the corner of my eye is covering the pupil
mysticdoc :

ok it seems like you do have viral infection.

mysticdoc :

had it been bacterial infection, you would have improved with antibiotic z pak.

Customer: Ears have also been hurting
mysticdoc :

so this will run its own course and improve over a week or so.

mysticdoc :

You can take decongestant sudafed.

mysticdoc :

Loratadine also can be taken.

Customer: Is it normal for the eye to come and go
Customer: Saline for the eye?
mysticdoc :

yes normal.

mysticdoc :

wash your eyes with saline water, clean cool water

mysticdoc :

you can also use visine AC eye drops over the counter

Customer: Is the eye the source or is it just part of the package?
mysticdoc :

it is part of the package--

mysticdoc :

viral infection affects the upper respiratory tract, ears eyes due to the close proximity.

Customer: Ok so it has been a week so it is not uncommon for it to last longer?
mysticdoc :

yes correct

mysticdoc :

if you develop vision problem, then see a eye specialist

Customer: Ok so just wait it out if the eye swells it is normal except when I can't see?
mysticdoc :

yes correct

Customer: Ok thank you! Sorry to be asking so many questions
Customer: One more, is the new snoring issue related?
mysticdoc :

yes likely from the blocked nasal passage.

mysticdoc :

you can use afrin nasal drops and saline nasal spray

Customer: Thank you
mysticdoc :


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