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Hi My wife and I have been having lots of sex lately. Recently

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My wife and I have been having lots of sex lately. Recently I think I had a mild dose of thrush though I am not 100% sure it was thrust - My penis had small red spots on it then its almost like it shed a thin layer of skin. Any way, recently there was a small tear underneath the head of the penis, behind the foreskin. Its not painful, it like the skin has split apart, I cant even feel it. It doesn't seem to heal and any sex or heavy washing of the area will mean it splits again. I am not using soaps on it.

Other information - I recently had an infection in my elbow as a results of cellulitis and was given Flucloxicillin for 7 days.


Nurse72 : You may have a candida infection. The symptoms ate consistent with your report. You can purchase lotrimin AF over the counter at your pharmacy. Keep the area clean and dry. If not better within 3-5 days you should be examined.
Nurse72 : Please let me know if you have further questions or need clarification

Would my wife show symptoms of a candida infection? Are they normal things to have? I dont think I have had one before. Should I be concerned about anything else? I tested myself for diabetes and it came up clear.

Nurse72 : She may not have symptoms an may not have the infection. Her ph may have resisted it.
Nurse72 : This is a common problem
Nurse72 : Especially after antibiotic use
Nurse72 : I wouldn't be concerned unless its a consistant recurrent problem

I think it started before the antibiotics though. I cant feel any pain, its just a split, well, 2 splits about 5mm long and 1mm wide, small amounts of blood

Nurse72 : Candida is a yeast alibican fungal infection that is harmless and easily treatable
Nurse72 : Candida can cause dryness and cracking I the skin on the penis

OKies, ill buy something. Thanks. Finally, what would constitute a recurrent problem? Once a month?

Nurse72 : You may have started with a mild one and the antibiotics made it worse
Nurse72 : Once a month consistently would be recurrent yes




Nurse72 : You're welcome : )

How do I close this off?

Nurse72 : Rate the answer and accept the answer
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