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Im a 44 years old male,this morning i wake up around 7 am

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hi!! im a 44 years old male,this morning i wake up around 7 am with a several stomach pain and feel to go to the bathroom ,when i was there i can make it the pain was very intensive,the pain come and go ; i never before feel that the pain was so intensive then i feel to faint and loss of strength ,yes, i was loosing the sense and sweating a lot!!also i have a low back pain ; that scenario was for around 40 minutes and then i make it but a little and mostly like a small diarrhea.i back to sleep for the next 3 hours then i wake up again and feel little better then i have sex with my wife but i feel still weak,after that i go to the bathroom to urinate but a saw red pis coming from me i was scared was a red color not deep but red i don't feel pain or nothing else just red. im scared please can tell me what you think?

Hi Pablo. So before this morning you were fine and never had any of this before? And you're saying you have no pain now? Where exactly was the stomach pain when you had it?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

hi!! not i never before had some pain like this,was a pain like when you need to go to the bathroom ,i can say in the middle stomach??,but very strong and the pain coming and go in intervalues of maybe 3 minutes looks like i was costipated and i can't make mayor concern was why i feel to faint and loss of strength ,yes, i was loosing the sense and sweating a lot ,i had to be very strong to don't loss de sense!!!and why i urinated red??? i was scared!!

I understand your concern. Any burning with your urination?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
not,just red color
OK--there are a few possibilities here. This could have been a kidney stone that you were lucky enough to pass quickly, although it could still be stuck in your ureter and once it starts moving again, you'll have the pain come back. Second, you may have a prostate gland infection that could also cause the back pain that you had. As for the sweating and nearly fainting, that was probably a vasovagal reaction to the pain--the vagus nerve slows down the heart rate and lowers the blood pressure. While none of this is dangerous, you need to see a doctor and get a urinalysis and a ct of the abdomen as well as a digital (finger) exam of your prostate gland.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
what it's ct of the abdomen?also do you think a prostate gland infection could be cause bad erection function and don't have to much wish to have sex?
A CAT scan--a special type of x-ray that looks at all the organs in the abdomen and it can pick up a kidney stone. And, yes, a prostate infection can cause erection problems and loss of the desire to have sex.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
finally ,in your experience you don't think this could be a mayor or serious problem??that could be need a emergency atention?
Not so major that you need the ER today, but I would like you to see a doctor tomorrow and let me know what he says and does.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

ok but i don't have chance to visit the dr. til next week i mean next friday that's it's ok?

and thanks for your help!!

If you feel fine from now on--no more severe pain or dizziness or fainting feeling, Friday will be fine. That said, if this happens again--the severe pain and the sweats and the faint feeling--then you need to be seen right away.
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