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ever fortnight or so, my 5 year old tells me she feels like

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ever fortnight or so, my 5 year old tells me she feels like shes shaking inside and her heart feels like its going mad. it only lasts for a few minites and then shes fine again. she had an ecg a few months ago where i was told that her heart skips a beat, and she has now been referred to a pedeatrician who has had chest xrays and bloods taken, and are now waiting for a twelve lead and 24hour ECG to be done. a year ago me and her father (who is type 1 diabetic) split up, and soon after she started school, but has coped with all of this really well and is thriving in all aspects. Any ideas??

Have you been with her when this happens, and, if so, can you tell me about the episode?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
yes i have. she comes and finds me and tells me she needs a cuddle. she tells me she feels like shes shaking inside and her heart feels funny. when i feel her chest her heart beat seems very fast and fluttery. shes very quiet and subdues during it, but it only seems to last a couple of minites and then she goes off fine again
OK--has the pediatrician made any comment as to what might be going on? I assume he's told you about something called a supraventricular tachycardia?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
he hasnt really said much, he said if the 24hour ecg didnt show much then he might want her to have a 2week one. said if it happened again try to get it checked straight away to see if any thing can be caught in action, but if it ever happened again and she felt dizzy or fainted then to call an ambulance

OK. I would get an echocardiogram to check for any heart valve problems and send her to a cardiologist. What needs to happen is for one of these episodes to be captured on an EKG. Quite often, this is a problem that is short lived and needs no specific treatment. Here's a link with more information for you.

http:[email protected][email protected]/documents/asset/med_99534.pdf

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