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Dr. Chip
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I have severe hip, thigh and muscle pain and cramping. My

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I have severe hip, thigh and muscle pain and cramping.  My hips "lock" and I get stuck and have a painful, difficult time getting my leg(s) to move as pressure is almost impossible without feeling like my legs are being ripped from the sockets.  When I walk it also feels like I will fall from the hip popping out.  I have tissue under the skin on the front and outside of my mid thighs that feel like leather and hard and in some patches numb ... I have recently been waking up drenched from sweat and my bedding and clothes are drenched. I also just had my esophagus strectched again and was told I have imflamation with no infection - gastritis.  I have been experiencing an increase with heartburn.  My eyesight has recently become blurry with some double vision.

What are your medical conditions right now and what tests and studies have you had to get at a cause for your symptoms?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have been told it is arthritis. I have several things that I see my doctor for ... pain, cholestrol, sleep, HBP ... degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia ... A few years back I had a severe reaction to levaquin and the feeling of being "quartered" was severe and I was given heavy pain meds. A couple years ago my foot doctor told me to wear Sketchers Shape ups for my ankle and things went down hill after wearing them for a while. It has been several months since I stopped wearing them and things seem to be getting worse. I was told by a nurse that my cholestrol meds might be a contributor ... I am just so tired of hurting all the time and feeling like my hips are going to break or worse, I will get locked in one of those painful positions and get stuck somewhere.
Have you had MRI's of the lumbar spine, pelvis and hips? Have you seen a rheumatologist?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have had recent xrays of my hips showing arthritis, MRIs in the past, - have had numerous back and neck injuries wilth disc narrowing and buldging (years ago). I see my doctor every month and he is a Board Certified Internist. Arthritis is the answer to everything. I was also having bladder problems, frequent 10-20 times in 24 hr period and never feeling finished ... We I was looking for alternative answers for my circumstances, Accupunture seems to have helped with that :-)I was also diagnosed with poly-neuropathy several years ago with no clear cause for condition.I have mitro-valve and arotic valve regurditation from Phen-fen and the Levaguin was "black-boxed" by the fda shortly after my condition became severe
Have you seen a physiatrist--a physical medicine and rehabilitiation MD?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No I have not ... I tried physical therapy and that was no more than a person telling me how to exercise. That was after the damage from the Levaquin. I did not know a doctor like that existed. Is the night sweats and the other recent symptoms in their field of diagnosis treatment?
First, let me ask--have you been screened for autoimmune disorders and Lyme disease?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
If Fibromyagia was part of the screening?  Lymne Disease I don't know but I was checked for Lupus.  When I was a pre-teen or younger (59 now), I remember removing a tick from my hip.
I just had my 3 month lab work done on Friday and because of the night sweats and being drenched, I plan on going to see my Dr. tomorrow ... I just want to be able to ask him to refer me to someone that can say more than arthritis.
I saw Dr. Prudence Hall, Robin McGraw (Dr. Phil's wife's internist) a couple of years ago and she had me on hormone therapy, thyroid, etc, (which my Dr. said I didn't need).  I stopped treatment because I sold my house and am in an older, smaller RV and I can't keep the creams cool because many stops while traveling are dry camping with no provisions for such storage.
The Neurologist did a lot of testing but could not find a cause for the neuropathy.  Also, I have been sober for 31 years on the 15th of July and alcohol was the only thing that rang a bell with me.
I also stopped smoking 30 years ago but within the last year have been treating with cannibis.  The licensing doctor told me to see a neurosurgeon and to start hanging upside down ... I climbed up on an inverted picnic table a couple of times and that has stopped the severe spasms??? but only briefly.
I feel like I am just stabbing in the dark and the symptoms are getting worse.

Hey--congrats on the 30+ years of sobriety--are you a friend of Bill W? All I can do here is give you my thoughts and how I would proceed with the workup--would that be sufficient for you?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am a Friend of Bill W. :-)
If you can't fix me, I am open to new ways of proceeding ... I am very leary of FDA drugs as they have caused many unnecessary health problems.

Me. too on the Bill thing

OK. I would fully screen you for autoimmune disorders and have you see a rheumatologist. I would also revisit your thyroid and check your cortisol levels. I would do a Lyme screen, since this could be untreated disease there. I would also check vitamin levels and do a screen for heavy metal toxicity. I would also, no matter the results of the tests, have you see a physiatrist for a customized treatment program. Finally, I would have you see a board certified, well trained, homeopathic MD for a full evaluation and treatment--not herbs and supplements, but a highly diluted single medication therapy. While I can't tell you exactly what is going on here, I think you need a fuller, more extensive workup.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
What is single diluted medication therapy? Do Physiatrists and Homeopathic MDs work in HMOs? I just noticed the Bill thing ... that is awesome ... Big Congrats!
I can't go into a lot of detail, but true homeopathy is directed at inflammation in the body and not at just one organ system. With a full evaluation a true homeopathic physician can determine what specific homeopathic medication is appropriate for a given patient. Physiatrists do work in HMO's, but I doubt an HMO would cover a Homeopathic MD.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Dr. Chip, Thank you so much for your help! My HP has been working overtime with me lately ... you have been one of those gifts :-)
You're so welcome--but before we close--my sobriety date is Valentine's day, 1980--when's yours?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
July 15, 1981 - It took me from 1978 and several 90 day chips before I was given a sobriety date. Valentine's Day is a good day :-) You have been my Sobriety "Chip" for this year. Yesterday while walking, I found a green obsidian (I am brandnew to the world of rocks) and today I did some research on it and I discovered that it is a Sobriety Stone ... Some coincidences feel like I am being rocketed into the 4th Dimension ... had some very specific feedback for me ... it still amazes me how answers will appear ... Thanks again and God Bless!
I fully think, in looking back, that someone was looking out for me and there are no coincidences--not that HP actually changes your life in major ways, but he puts you in the right place at the right time with the right person or persons--that said, it's still up to you to let go and accept the help if you can recognize it. So I hope I've helped you a bit here, and please keep in touch and let me know how things go--and even if you just need to chat as in an informal AA meeting.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** like that ... bye for now.
One day at a time, or should I say one question at a time? Take care.
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