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How are you i hope your safe annd not in storm area or near

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hi doc how are you i hope your safe annd not in storm area or near the colorado fires. not doing well at the moment doc. my gp brought me up to 75 again on the lamictal as i cut to 50 and it was too much, i couldnt get up with the depression and lack of energy and was having suicidal thoughts. i go and see a new pdoc tomorrow. i just hope to god he can help as ive definitly deteriorated on the lamictal and its benificial start and i dont know if im strong enough at the moment to come off parnate
Hi, Peter--no, I'm 2,000 miles away from Colorado Springs. Did you at least get over the bad spells of nearly tearing your hair out?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thats good doc no fires . no not really doc i shaved it all off to stop but somehow it gives me some relief the strain of trying to staly in the present is too much and if i let go to rest i just go off on rumination to bad places and depression , in some way it allows me to half rest my mind and keep me up . i know ive got worse the last 4 weeks really since i was on 25, im more detached and depersonilised and i cant function at all , im scared to engage with anyone or anything as the after effects make me even worse . i was far better on parnate alone, other than the aggression it gave me. ive been taking the sleeping pills far to early to survive it like 2 in the afternoon and drinking coke to keep me going , i hate doing it but i have no choice. i really hope this new pdoc does the right thing for me doc,
was your other psychiatrist understanding when you wanted to switch doctors?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i didnt tell him doc. i was loosing faith in him for a good while and the last time i seen him didnt go well. and we had a clash of opinions and i felt he didnt treat me with respect so i just left, my gp thought he had long enough to help me almost 3 years now so it was time to move on
I fully understand--but what was the clash of opinions between the two of you?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i felt i wanted to get off parnate that it had to many bad side effects and it was affecting my relationships with people badly because of the aggression it caused. thats when i suggested lamictal but he didnt listen and said to stay on parnate told him im making no progression and he was off with me, so i felt i should have the right as a human being not to be on a med that was making me so bad in so many ways and that was that. im weiry now of trusting again as i felt he made a lot of mistakes with me and left me on wrong meds for too long,suppose you just have to trust again and hope this time ill get the right p doc and get better
I understand completely. Sometimes doctors are at least uneasy if not downright angry when a patient suggests a different path or that the current path isn't working. I try to look at it as it's my responsibility to listen carefully to my patients and to seriously consider what they tell me. Sometimes I stand firm with my opinion as to what to do, but I'm open to the option of tweaking things a bit to see if there's an improvement. So what exactly do you plan to say to the new doc when you first see him?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
not to sure, think the diagnosis is about right some sort of constant mixed mood generationg anxiety and ocd which im less concerned about as i can beat that with a stable enough mood. i just dont know what the best line of treatment for me is, i would love to think that going on a less stimulating ssri like lexapro or prozac alone would help a lot as i did far better on cymbaltal alone before these mood stabilizers were added . i worked full weeks , eat right , and every 4 weeks felt great but i kept crashing and i think that might have been down to working to much insted of having some time off at the start i was so depleated, but i was still a small bit mixed and a little manic but way more stable than i have been. on the anti psychotic front i dont like the weight gain or the sedation but maybe thats a small price to pay if it can help me and when i was on 25 mg of amisulpride and anafranil i did pretty well. i just keep second guessing everything and going round in circles on it
I think it'd be best to first discuss exactly how you are now--the emotions, the racing thoughts, etc., and then move to the medication discussion, I'm a great believer in less is more--try to make the number of meds as small as possible, and to only add another after the first has been fully vetted.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok doc me too i dont want to make it too complicated either. and i will tell him my emotions and racing thought s and first. do you think its time to go the anti p route. and see how i go on that alone for a while see how i am. can i be put on it now and come of f the parnate on it as i dont fancy coming off the parnate or lamictal with how down i am now and so lacking in energy. or is that the best option , i will discuss it with him tommorow though. my gp says he prescribes serequel a lot for mood disorders
For now, I'd hold with the Parnate and I think Seroquel would be a good selection as the next step away from the Lamictal.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok doc ill ask him about doing that if he has that or something similar in mind. i do hope it works or at least gets me on my way to wellness .thanks for all you r help and time doc youve been great to me . ill let you know how it goes and again thats for being a great support , peter
I'm always there for you, Peter. Just wish I could do more than just write to you about all this. We'll get you through it and neither of us are going to be burned by wild fires in the forests.
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