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I had a full hysterectomy almost 6 weeks ago now. I had very

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I had a full hysterectomy almost 6 weeks ago now. I had very light an minimal bleeding for 2 weeks afterwards then nothing. But 3 days ago i starting bleeding very lightly again ( pinkish in colour) but severe cramping again. Then yesterday and today my cramping and pain has worsened even more and i am bleeding quite heavily (bright red blood) and it really smells very offensive and kind of like some sort of poison smell? I have been coughing a fair bit due to recently getting the flu. But should i be worried? I dont want to have to go to hospital if its not necessary. My ob/gyn is not contactable until tuesday!
Well vaginal bleeding after hysterectomy is common for the first four to six weeks after thefull hysterectomy.
After surgery, you might get discharge of old blood clots which have collected from before. But fresh blood should not come.
However as you are suffering from bright red blood heavy bleeding, which is "fresh" blood, indicates a current source of bleeding anf it may require an urgent medical attention.
Any fresh blood, specially when it is associated with abdominal cramping, postoperative needs to be investigated.
And it is foul smell so this could be due an infection which seems the most likely cause.
You must consult your gynaecologist for this.ASAP.
For cough,you can do steam inhalation and saline gargles.
Drink warm liquids.
Use ahumidifier in room.

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