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My right leg suffered a tremendous hematoma which becme

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my right leg suffered a tremendous hematoma which becme infected ewith MRSA. the infection drrmd fine, but my right leg id noticsbly swollen now, ore so thsn my left. ai wentthrough teo ourdr of 4 antibiotics at one point. Have apurple inedentation on le but all seems well now exce0t for my swollen right leg..
Dr.Tiwari :


Dr.Tiwari :

Welcome at JA.

Dr.Tiwari :

Your hematoma is at present in that place from where there goes a large vein(saphenous vein),this vein drains that major part of limb.

Dr.Tiwari :

It looks from your details that most probably this hematoma is putting back pressure over this vein.

Dr.Tiwari :

This is creating difficulty in blood to coming back to heart.

Dr.Tiwari :

The swelling in leg & foot can also be there as an inflammatory swelling due to presence of infection in thisgh.

Dr.Tiwari :

If this hematoma is large then you should have get it drained by your surgeon.The infected hematoma should be drained as early as possible.

Dr.Tiwari :

At present you may keep your limb elevated on pillow & should take a good anti inflammatory agent like motrin.

Dr.Tiwari :

Hope this will help you.

Dr.Tiwari :

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you so much for you answer. Forgive my poor typing above. Just to clarily, this hematoma on the thigh occurred over a month ago and was large enough to keep me in hospital 3 days. I think I got the MRSA cellulitis while. It took four different antibiotics to clear it up. I believe you are right: there is venous insufficiency or perhaps the infection is not gone. Very frustrating as they won't drain it, say it will go away and told me to come back in 6 weeks. Should I go back sooner as now have the right let showing edema to the foot and the non-pitting type at that? I am frustrated and worried as I feel that my hematoma should have been drained and I now have chronic pain in the leg. Would you ask for a second opinion or go back sooner than 6 weeks?
Hello Cori,
I can understand all your problem.

If you had this hematoma about one month ago then probably it is not an infected one ,in that case it is venous insufficiency which is troubling you.

In my opinion you should get a consultation sooner then 6 weeks.Waiting for 6 weeks may prolong your illness & it may result in complications like ulcer in foot,eczema,etc.

Mean while you may wear a compressive stockinette ,you should also keep your limb elevated on a pillow.

All this will help you in giving relief from problem.

Hope this all will be helpful.

If you are satisfied with my answer then please rate me with great service.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you so much. I haven't had much luck getting anyone to take the leg swelling seriously, over the phone. I will go to the doctor tomorrow and ask them to look at it again.