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Sorry for the discription of this question, but I have a

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Sorry for the discription of this question, but I have a pimple that feels like a sist, and has no white head, but really hurts, in the lower area of my vagina close to both of my holes. I am not, and have never been sexually active, so it is definitely not an STD. What should I do?
Hello, and I am pleased to help, use of my answers are for educational purposes only.
Does this feel like a collection of fluid?
And, it is on the lower portion of one of your vaginal labia (lips or opening of your vagina)?
How long has it been there?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It feels like a small marble under my skin, but it really hurts & is very sensitive. It's on the very, very bottom of my left labia. About 10 days ago I was in pain to walk, etc, so I looked down there in hopes of finding the problem, and found this lump that had a white head. I assumed it was a pimple, but what confused at why it was in the location it was. I pooped it, and a lot of puss came out, but the "sist" did not completely empty, there was still a painful bump there (under my skin.) within 5 days, the swelling of the pimple subsided, and it didn't hurt anymore. It swelled up again yesterday, and is very painful like the first time, but it doesn't have a white head that I could pop.
Are you keeping this area clean and area you able to get into a warm/ hot bath?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Im not keeping it cleaner than usual. I am able to get into a hot bath, but it will probably be a little sore. What do you suggest I do?
Well let me explain what you have and it is NOT a STD and it is nothing that you did wrong, these are very common to see in women and essentially it is due to a blocked Bartholin's duct and hence the normal discharge that comes out of this duct is blocked and you get this painful cyst.
This is called a Bartholin's Duct Cyst.
So, you can try getting into a hot/ warm bath and try to massage this to get the fluid out, it eventually will come out, but there are various levels as to were the fluid is located and hence why you were not able to get all of it - and hopefully doing this several times per day will allow this to drain back open and also keeping your bottom clean and using a good soap will help to keep it open.
Now if this continues to get bigger, make an appointment with an ob/gyn to get this drained - and the ob/gyn will be able to drain this for you without any pain if necessary - and please do not worry, these are very common.
I hope this helps
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