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Andy PhD DABT, Toxicologist
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How do I pass a drug test for cocaine

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How do I pass a drug test for cocaine
I am sorry, but there is no effective way to pass a drug test for cocaine. There are many advertisements trying to sell you some detox to drink or a special wash for your hair (if it is a hair test), but these do not work. Some people say to drink lots of water to try to flush it out of your system, but that is not very effective and if you dilute your urine too much it will show up in the test since they also test for creatinine (a chemical produced by your body and excreted in the urine at a fairly consent rate) and specific gravity. They also test if you add chemicals to your urine that could damage the sample, such as bleach. If you are suspected of having added bleach to your sample you will have to give another sample while the collector watches you urinate.
The only real way to pass the test is to not use cocaine in the first place, these tests are pretty good and the labs know what kinds of tricks people try in order to pass it. If its a hair test and you suddenly shave your head they would probably figure out what you are doing and they can always take body hair instead of hair from your head.
I'm sorry you probably want a different answer, but if you try the different tricks that are advertised or posted on YouTube, you will lose some money paying for something that does not work and you could get in trouble for trying to beat the test. Depending on what test is used and how long ago you used cocaine you might get lucky and get a negative test. Cocaine metabolites tested in the urine only show up for a few days after your last use, but if it is a hair sample, it can be detected for usually up to 90 days.
Sorry for the bad news, good luck,
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