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I am taking loestrin 24 fe and I was wondering if I should

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I am taking loestrin 24 fe and I was wondering if I should be getting period on the same day of the week every month . For example if I start my period on a Friday should I be starting my period every month on a Friday. Or as log as I get it during the placebo pills it's fine ? I just want I make sure that it's okthat I'm gettin my period on different days of the week each month . Last month I started on a Friday during my placebo pulls and then this time I started on a Wednesday during my placebo pills. Is that ok?
Hello and thank you for using JustAnswer Health.

You will not necessarily start your period on the same day each month. It is typical for there to be slight variation.

Since you are taking birth control pills, your periods should become more regular over time, as long as you are taking them correctly.

With Loestrin 24 fe, you should take a pill each day. So, when you finish the pack, you start the next pack on the day after your last brown or placebo pill. Do not wait any days between packs.

Your period may start on a different day each month, but again, over time it should become more and more regular over time since you are taking the birth control pills. In fact, your periods should become shorter an lighter over time while on this form of birth control.

Also, in case you were not aware, It is recommended that you take your birth control pills at the same time each day to make them most effective. Pick a time of day that is easy to remember. You might find it helpful to take it when you do something else you do every day, such as brushing your teeth or eating dinner

As you may know, the menstrual cycle is considered to start of the 1st day of bleeding until the 1st of the next time of bleeding. The average cycle is 28 days - it is normal to have a cycle that is shorter or longer (when not on birth control pills). You can mark the first day of bleeding each month on your calendar so as you can keep track of it.

Stress and exercise are two things that can cause some irregularity in the periods, and this normally does occur from time to time (an irregular period). If you have great swings and changes in your period the birth control pills will help them to become more and more regular.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok well I get my period on the third day of placebo pills not on the day after the last one. Is that ok?
that is ok.

But typically, over time, your period will become more regular and you might start to get it on the first day, but if you don't, that is still ok, and does not mean you have a problem.

Now if your period started coming in the middle of taking the hormone pills, then this would not be normal. A little break through bleeding can occur from time to time, especially in the beginning of taking the pills.

I hope that is not too much information! Let me know if you are still unclear on anything.
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