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I just came in from mowing the lawn and it's 80 degrees so

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I just came in from mowing the lawn and it's 80 degrees so granted I'm sweating profusely but I'm also Shaking a lot an feel hot and very cold at the same time. This hasn't ever happened to me before and I'm freaked out.! What's happening to me? I can hardly type.

Hello and thank you for using JustAnswer Health.

It is possible that this is a reaction to the heat, such as heat stroke after exerting in the heat, this is likely (chills are a sign of heat stroke).

It is important that you rest.

Can someone help you and apply ice packs to your groin and arm pits? (You may cover the packs so as not to be uncomfortable)

Drinking water is correct, and an electrolyte solution or juice would be suggested.

Can you check your body temp? The goal is to get your temp down to 101 to 102 F (38.3 to 38.8 C).

If you are too weak to do these things, and if you have no one to call and help you, you should call 911.

I am standing by to answer any more questions about this, and to help monitor you if need be. Please reply to the post so I can continue to help you as necessary.

Susan Ivy and other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Im alone and dont have any icepacks or juice. Im just drinking cold water. I dont want to drink anything else bc Im feeling nausious. I tried to take my temp but the digital themometer says 97 degreees so its not working right. im laying down now

The reason we suggest you take something besides water is because of electrolyte balance. If it is hard for you to stomach anything else, you might instead want to add a little juice to the water (dilute the juice) or even try something like any soda type drink you have, which contain sodium at least. Because you were likely sweating, you can get low in sodium, and this can cause some of the symptoms you are experiencing such as the weakness and nausea.

Feel free to follow up with me so that I can know how you are doing, or if you have any other questions. I'd appreciate knowing whether or not you begin to feel better if possible.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Just wanted to let you know that I'm feeling better now. I drank a pepsi, took a nap and ate some dinner and it's all been helping. Thank you very much for your help. i really appreciate it. Im ok now.
Thank you for writing back and letting me know you are stable.. I like to know whether my directions helped, or at least did not hinder!

I thought I'd advise (and you may have thought of this by now if you weren't already doing them) to consider mowing the yard earlier in the morning or later in the evening, or find a local teenager you trust (or relative). Also consider drinking more before, during, and after you exert in the heat or high humidity to compensate for the fluid you will lose in perspiration. It is one of the rare times you can have a 'soft drink' without guilt!

Everything in moderation though, of course. From the symptoms you reported earlier your situation did not appear to be cardiovascular or heart related in nature. For those at risk, exercising the upper body like in lawn mowing and snow shoveling is a risk factor for heart incidents like infarctions and angina.heart 'attacks'. This is probably because of the long time these activities take, especially in people out with a combination of heart disease/ and poor physical condition.

If you are feeling exhausted tomorrow even after drinking fluid and eating something, (which you should continue to do the rest of today, by the way) please follow up with your doctor tomorrow for test to check your electrolytes, liver, kidney and cardiac function.

You may have already thought of these things, but in case you have not this was just a reminder.

Take care.