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My husband has been drinking synthroid due to

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Hello my husband has been drinking synthroid due to hypothyroidism. He has been noticing that his face little by little is swollen. The specialist told him that those pills do not give swelling. He has not gained weight. He weighs between 185-190. He wants to know if there is another thyroid pills to drink he takes 88 mcg of dosage once a day at night on a empty stomach. He has his level at 6.5

It is true that swelling of the face is not a side effect of the medication synthroid. Swelling or edema is one signs of hypothyroidism (which is the condition that the synthroid is taken for, as you know).

Is his face noticeably swollen to you too?

I wonder if you have a photo of his face before and after that you could send to us?

If you do not have this, you may want to take some pictures of his face periodically to document any changes in his face.

Synthroid does come in an 88 mcg dose as a pill. Does he feel a pill would be better than taking the liquid form? Or is he asking for a completely different drug? I just want to clarify why he want another type? Does your husband believe that the pill is causing the swelling, because that is not likely the case.

If he really thinks that his current medication might be causing the swelling, such as from an allergy from the component in the liquid, he could try the generic brand of Levothyroxine Sodium (this is the generic or chemical name for Synthroid). He would need to ask his doctor to prescribe him the generic form. If he explains that he thinks he might have an allergy to a component of the liquid such as the dye, then his doctor should do this. The only reason he may not want to do this is if he just does not think that this is the cause of the swelling. Typically an allergy would not cause only a swelling to the face.

Does this answer your question? If not please, please reply with any additional questions or clarifications so that I may continue to assist you until you are satisfied. with your answer.
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