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I have a lump inside my urethra and my semen has changed

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I have a lump inside my urethra and my semen has changed color? Any ideas? The lump is hard but doesn't hurt unless I press on it.
Hello JACustomer,

I would like to try and help you but I need some more information. What color is your semen now? Are you having any problems urinating? Pain, thin stream, force of urine, etc) ? Do you have any penile discharge? Is this bump you feel movable or is it fixed in place? How big is it would you say? Pea size, etc? Is it a smooth lump or does it seem more irregular in shape? Where on your urethra is this lump? Is it something you can see from the outside or is it something you feel along the shaft of the penis? If on the shaft, where? Upper, lower, first third, on the dorsal or ventral surface, etc?

Thank you for clarifying,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It's kind of a dirty yellowish color, I have no discharge, or trouble urinating, no burning. It is a fixed lump, and is in the first third, seems to be on the top side of my urethra, cannot be seen from the outside, only felt by pressing up into the shaft. It seems to change size, but is smaller than a pea, I am also pierced, I first noticed it after some vigorous sex with the piercing in.
Hello JACustomer,

Thanks for that information...
I have a few more questions for you. Is this lump where the piercing is? Is this a new piercing/ how old is the piercing? What type of piercing is it? Can this lump be seen or just felt? Do you know if you have had this lump for a long time and just noted it, or are you sure that it is a new thing?

Thanks for clarifying,
Hello JACustomer,

A few more the lump a different color than your penis? Is your penis discolored at all? Is the area swollen or warm to the touch?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The lump is below the piercing which is a prince Albert. I noticed it seemed to rub that area during sex, with my new girlfriend. I'm not totally sure, though I think the lump is recent. I have had the piercing for ten plus years, this has never happened... It does seem to change size depending on the amount of sexual activity I have in a given day.
Hello JACustomer,

I hope I can help you here, but please understand that online no one can state anything with certainty, all we can do is offer a best guess based on what you wrote.

This lump you write of is under your piercing, and the piercing has been there a long time. I am wondering if having sex with the piercing in irritated the area and caused some swelling which you are feeling as that lump that hurts when its pressed on. Additionally, there may be internal scar tissue which you may be feeling. The fact that this lump gets worse dependent on sexual activity also makes me believe it may be related to trauma or irritation, but I can not state that as any fact, of course.

I am considering the possibility of an infection of some sort because of the discolored semen. Semen is produced by the testes and is conducted by the urethra and while that piercing should not go near the urethra I am still concerned that the discoloration may indicate infection.

Penile discharges are associated with STDs, particularly gonorrhea and chlamydia; you deny this but men can have these two diseases without a discharge and even without symptoms.

To be on the safe side, I would have this looked at...if this is scar tissue from a piercing, over time it can build up and actually affect the shape of the can cause a curve and that is one cause of Peyronie's syndrome. Here is information on that:

And if this is an infection of some sort that needs to be tested and appropriately treated.

I hope I was able to help,
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