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I have been prescribed Neofortan 160mg and Tiberal 500mg

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I have been prescribed Neofortan 160mg and Tiberal 500mg while sick in Morocco, can anyone give me more information on these 2 medications.
Hello JACustomer,

I am sorry you are sick in another nation, that has not got to be a pleasant experience.

Tiberal is an antimicrobial / antiprotozoal agent; I am presuming they gave this to you because it is believed you had some sort of intestinal bug causing your distress. It is in a similar drug class as flagyl; if you are allergic to flagyl or have had a bad reaction to it, DONT take this drug. Tiberal will treat trichomoniasis, which is an STD, ameobiasis, giardia, and anaerobic infections. Its common side effects include dizziness, headache, GI distress, taste disturbances. It will potentiate, or increase, the action of anti -coagulants such as coumadin and some muscle relaxants. Patients taking flagyl should NOT drink alcohol because it creates misery; supposedly, Tiberal does not have that effect but I would not chance it; please avoid alcohol while on this drug. IF you notice poor coordination, rigidity, seizures, or have an allergic reaction to it (rash, swelling of the face, difficulty breathing) STOP taking it and go to the Emergency Room.

More information on this medication is available here: and here at

Neofortan was a much tougher one to chase down, and is why this response took the time it did. Its generic name is ***** ***** it is used to relax spasming intestinal muscles. Adverse reactions include some rare "allergic skin reactions". It is recommended it not be used in conjunction with opiates like morphine. If you have a genetic disorder called PKU, please do not use this as it contains aspartame.

I could find no links regarding this that I could send you, aside from some journal articles that examined and researched its effectiveness...results have been mixed; as they did not have information on the drug itself I did not include those links.

The only medical based website I could find with information on this drug was It is free registration so you can see the results they had for it; their results referred to it as an effervescent tablet of 80mg; adult dose is two tablets.

I hope I was able to help you; and I hope you feel better soon.
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