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Dr. Brims
Dr. Brims, U.S. Licensed Physician
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Can severe bruising mean you have a blood clot?

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Can severe bruising mean you have a blood clot?
Dr Brims :

Hello, welcome to Justanswer, I will try to assist you with your medical question, and any medical information you seek

Dr Brims :

Bruising may be a sign of a blood clot, but pain and swelling are more common signs

Customer: I had a bad slip / fall my right leg went out straight I felt the muscles tear. Now my leg is heavily bruised from below right buttock to my foot... The bruises there came out today. The fall was one week ago. Work means I have not rested it and at evening my whole leg is badly this just the pmuscles protecting themselves because I have not been able to rest the leg?
Dr Brims :

When did the swelling start?

Customer: Two to three days ago.. The fall was Thursday evening last week . Huge pain under main buttock to knee muscle swelling now from knee to ankle almost twice normal size
Dr Brims :

I see, this may be a blood clot, I think you need to have this examined right away

Customer: Ok can I clarify.. The fact that I have started to have swelling a week after the event means potential trouble? Not just that I've been on my feet too long?... Not normal mishap bruise swells goes down??
Dr Brims :

Being on your feet for a long time will not increase the chance of a blood clot, but the fact that the bruising started a week after the event is concerning for a blood clot

Customer: Me out in two days but it has since travelled down my leg to the point where tonight I undressed and saw my foot is blue with the bruising? Might it be that the bruise has taken time to work its way down my leg or should I take head out of the sand and go get it looked at?
Dr Brims :

I really think you need to have this looked at

Customer: Thank you. On your advise I will... I told my friends they were overreacting. Thank you. HM Sussex UK
Dr Brims :

You're welcome

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Customer: Great service thank you
Dr Brims :

You're welcome

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