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I have had cramps around my waist area and suspect there is

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I have had cramps around my waist area and suspect there is something going on with my colon or lower stomach. Besides the cramps, I feel like I always have to make a bowel movement but dont go.. I have had diarhea for at least 2 weeks, sometimes 4 times in a hr..Went to my Dr and said my blood pressure is lower then normal and thinks I was dehydrated.. I have been drinking plenty of fluids but still have the cramps and watery diareaha.. More like squirts.. I was hospitalized once for pancreatitus, gastritus and colitus... I suspect it may be colitus again but will have to have a colonoscopy I assume.I have type 2 diabetes and this morning it was 183 and 3 hrs later it went to 71 and I didnt exercise or take my diabetes pill.. Also feeling fatigue, tired and like I am in a fog

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Nurse72 : If this has been going in for 2 weeks than you need to atleast have a stool analysis to check for c diff or other GI related infections.
Nurse72 : Its not uncommon to have changes in your blood sugar when you're sick as a diabetic.
Nurse72 : Monitor your blood sugars carefully
Nurse72 : You are probably dehydrated
Nurse72 : Start introducing foods slowly
Nurse72 : It's advised to start off with things like bread, rice, applesauce, bananas and dry toast
Nurse72 : Avoid spicy or fatty foods
Nurse72 : Drink plenty of fluids
Nurse72 : Drink the fluids at room temperature or warm tea
Nurse72 : Drinking ice cold drinks could make you cramp up
Nurse72 : Also avoid dairy
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