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i have pain in my right shoulder (top) and right rib cage..

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i have pain in my right shoulder (top) and right rib cage.. it hurts to breathe pretty much all the time now. i have tried an inhaler and anitobotics... no help... should i get any more tests or just wait for it to go away on its on..

female, 24 yrs old..

How long has this been going on? Any trauma involved? Does it hurt to move the shoulder? Any leg swelling?

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

It started 6 days ago..i woke up in the middle of the night. and it hurt to move my shoulder and to breather... the meds i got from the docotor the next day have not helped at all. there was no trauma involved at all. It does not hurt to move it, or does it have any swelling. i can not find a comfortable way to hold my arm so that it doesnt hurt. the pain levels come and go. it goes from a 8 which my shoulder is extremely achy on the top part and it hurts really bad to breathe. when the pain is at an 8 it feels like i need to take a deep breathe to make it feel better, but it just makes the pain intensify a little bit and when it goes down to 4 to where it only hurts a little to breathe. i hope this helps, and i hope that you can help. i have horrible insurance, and do not want to spend allot of money on tests that i may not need.


Thank you

I understand. From what medications you were given, it would seem the doctor thought you might have asthmatic bronchitis? Did he consider a chest x-ray? And no leg swelling?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
he gave me a breathing treatment and said that he heard a little bit of wheezing, after the breathing treatment, the wheezing went away, but the pain is still persistant. He did not do a chest x-ray, and no leg swelling.
OK. And I'm keeping in mind that you have no insurance. This concerns me since this could be serious and it wouldn't be wise just to wait and see if it goes away. My first concern is the possibility of a pulmonary embolus--a clot in a lung vein, possibly from a leg. The other concern would be a possible pneumothorax--air leaking from a lung into the pleural space. That said, it may only be pleurisy--inflammation of the lung lining. Or perhaps you could have pneumonia and since you're on antibiotics that may well be covered here. My main point is that, were I your doctor, I would not ignore this symptom and would recheck you with a chest x-ray and a ct of the chest to rule out the pulmonary embolus and the pneumothorax. I wish I could just tell you to hang on a few days and see if you feel better, but I'm ethically and professionally obligated to tell you you need more evaluation for this.
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