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Chris C.
Chris C., Nurse
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I've been drinking 5 hour energy drinks throughout my so far

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I've been drinking 5 hour energy drinks throughout my so far 13 week pregnancy and I have just read the warnings against drinking this during pregnancy. Should I be worried or concerned?

First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope I can help you here; please though understand that on line no one can state anything with any certainty, all I can do is give my best guess based on what you've written.

You have already drank the 5 hour energy drinks, and you are right; pregnant women are encouraged to avoid these. They have more caffeine than whats recommended for pregnant women, and the vitamin mix that they have is in rather high proportions; the energy blend has not been tested for safety specifically in pregnant women (aside from caffeine).

Studies on caffeine in pregnancy have been conflicting. One major study found that it was associated with miscarriage, and another did not. Caffeine though in animal studies has caused abnormalities in the offspring, but that has not been established in human beings.

What I would do is inform your OBGYN of this, and see what he or she has to say regarding the matter. I imagine you are not drinking this any longer; worrying about what was done can cause almost as much stress to you as the caffeine in the drink. I know its harder to say "don't worry over what you can not change" than it is to do it, but on this, that is what I addition to informing your OBGYN. He or she may want to do some extra tests to make sure everything is OK, and talking to your provider, who surely knows you and your history better than I, will be more comforting.

If your OBGYN is kind and compassionate, he or she should not make you feel bad or guilty over this; things happen, and many people are unaware of what foods are safe and what foods are not in pregnancy.

Here is a link from the American Pregnancy Association about caffeine in pregnancy:

A link from the same place on foods to avoid during pregnancy:

And a link from LiveStrong about 5 hour energy and pregnancy for even further information:

I hope I was able to help and ease your mind, and may the rest of your pregnancy be glorious.
Nurse Susan, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** still concerned and will discuss this with my provider. I do worry about being judged though, as I have already told my provider I am struggling with addiction problems I had since prior to the pregnancy. I feel I have revealed too much, and CPS will be called upon delivery of my child. Can this happen if I recover from my addiction before my baby is born? i took prescribed Subutex for an opioid addiction during my pregnancy with my daughter and CPS opened a case on me when I had her because she suffered severe withdrawal symptoms. I know I didn't mention any of this in my question to you, but I am VERY concerned and don't want CPS called again when I have this child. I will be paying you for answering this question, by the way.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Relist: Incomplete answer.
I did not get all the information I was looking for. Ive waited fifteen minutes for more info and I havent recieved it. I am willing to pay a little more if you answer my next question.
CPS will not intervene if you are under the care of a licensed physician and being medicated for withdrawal. If you have a past history with CPS they may add a supplement to an existing file but should not take further action. I would pass your concerns on to your primary care physician and not worry about being judged. You should only have yourself and your baby's best interest in mind and not worry about what others think. We all make mistakes in life some bigger than others but as long as you live through it there is plenty of time to change. I would further consult some free legal advice that is available in many areas to double check your state/local laws and discuss the CPS concerns you have.
Chris C., Nurse
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 1081
Experience: Nurse with with 10+ yrs. in wellness care, geriatrics, hospice and acute care.
Chris C. and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you

I am very sorry about not getting back to you, my computer decided to throw a temper tantrum, and I appreciate Medtech for stepping in for me during my absence. Caffeine is not one of the substances that is routinely tested on a drug panel for newborn screenings. You are, as Medtech said, under a doctors care. You, so far as I can see, are not being negligent in any way here; you merely were not aware of the information about 5 hour energy and pregnancy. Continuing to drink it once made aware could be a problem, but you seem concerned and conscientious, and I don't think (to the best of my belief) that CPS will get involved over this issue.