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Ok so i went to the ER today because of rectal bleeding and

Resolved Question:

ok so i went to the ER today because of rectal bleeding and i was feeling numbness in my face and both arms like as if they were asleep.. they did a bunch of blood work and did a contrast CTscan of my stomach and piviec area ..all came back normal they did a ekg and it wasnt 100% normal something with the qt not sure but he wasnt worried i ve been to the hospital many times over the last two months ive had ct scans of my chest and heart as well as the head all cam back normal ..i also went to cardioligest who did a necular stress test as well as ultrasound and ekg all came back normal well as two years ago had a colonocpy and upper gi i am not sure were to go from here evey blood test has been normal
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Susan Ivy replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for using JustAnswer Health.
I'm sorry to hear of your difficulty.
It's a good thing that everything is turning out ok, test wise.
I would assume that a CBC (a complete blood count) was done, to make sure you have not lost very much blood. But it would also help to know how much bleeding you had rectally, as it is possible for loss of blood or low blood count to cause anemia (low red blood cells - can cause numbness due to not enough oxygen which is carried by red blood cells getting to the periphery such as your face and arms.
Another common cause of the symptoms you report is related to breathing shallowly and rapidly. This causes an oxygen and carbon dioxide imbalance which results in numbness such as you are describing. The treatment for this is to slow down the breathing, as well as making sure to inhale deeply. Stress and tension causes people to take short rapid breaths, and it certainly sounds like you have been through some stress.
Has the numbness in the face and arms gone, or is it still present?
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