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I had a tiny puncture cut from a broken piece of glass on a

Resolved Question:

I had a tiny puncture cut from a broken piece of glass on a bed. I think the glass had been out for about 30 minutes. If the blood had been dried and almost not visible do i still have to be concerned if there was an HIV+ blood on the glass that I need to go and get tested?

I am not sure if someone else had cut themselves on the same piece of glass but there were people in the bed right before.

I have read that HIV does not survive very well outside of the body. And in this case I just wanted to find out if the blood had dried and I cut my hand was I at risk of getting infected.

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  NURSE KAREN replied 5 years ago.

hi. i understand why you are concerned, but there is virtually no chance of you becoming infected in this scenario. according to the CDC, to date, there has been no reported HIV infections to humans from environmental surfaces. HIV is unable to reproduce outside the body so it cannot maintain its infectiousness outside the body. hope this helps!

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