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Drs.-My daughter and husband are traveling to Utah for his

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Drs.-My daughter and husband are traveling to Utah for his grandmothers' funeral. She is in her first trimester of pregnancy. They have always slept on a matress on the floor of his father's home. He has a cat that goes out of the house. What precautions should she take while there? We are giving her money for a hotel although her husband would rather be near his family during the entire time. She is willing to stay in the hotel without her husband because of her pregnancy. Any suggestions?
Hello JA customer, I am happy to help you today.

Cats are sometimes carriers of a micro organism known as toxoplasma which can be a cause for miscarriage. However, the transmission occurs only when she is exposed to cat feces.

Outdoor cats tend to be exposed to T. gondii far more frequently than indoor cats; toxoplasmosis in indoor cats is rare.

So, I guess your daughter would not be exposed to cat litter as sh would only be guest.However, it would be better to wash her hands before every meal and also wash her hnds as frequently as possible.
Moreover, try to keep the cat litter covered as that she never has a chance to get infected.
The best option would however be to be in the hotel if you are too worried about her!

Take care!
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Thank you.

Have a good day!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Dr. Bora-I read your response as soon as it was posted. I paid the $18.00 plus added $3.00 for a tip. The funds have cleared my account at my bank. I also responded to the survey. Not sure why any of these responses to your answer were not communicated on your end. I was pleased, and I noted such. Gwen XXXX

I am not sure what you are talking about.

Please clarify.
Sorry, you do not have to accept the answer again.

the please accept is written on the signature and I did not mean that you have to accept the answer again.
If you have new questions for me, please request me as Dr. Bora in the title of the question.