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Nurse72, Nurse (RN)
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I am a 23 yo male. I have 2 lumps on the underside of my

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I am a 23 yo male. I have 2 lumps on the underside of my penis shaft, one on each side of the urethra. They are right down the bottom of the shaft below the scrotum. I would say they are around 1mm in diameter and hard. I can feel them through the skin but they don't hurt to touch or press on. I noticed them a while ago but then kind of forgot about it. I have just noticed recently I have some general mild dull pain in the testical area that I thought may be related. Can you please tell me what this is. Thanks.
Nurse72 : They sound like they my be small cysts that have formed in the glands at the base of the penis. You should have them evaluated just to be certain and to rule out infection which could need antibiotics . In some cases if the cysts become large or bothersome they can be lanced and drained.
Nurse72 : How long have you had them?
Nurse72 : Any discharge from the penis?

a couple of years, it hasnt ever bothered me so i havent done anything about it


and no discharge


if it is cysts are they likely to be quite hard?

Nurse72 : Than it sounds like little cysts, but you should have them checked just to be certain.

also can you refer me to any literature on the topic?

Nurse72 : Ues they can be hard especially I'd they've been their a while.
Nurse72 : The secretions inside the cyst harden over time. You need a proper evaluation

ok i will go and get it checked out by the doctor

Nurse72 : Sure let me find some info and I'll send you the link. Give me a few minutes

that would be great thanks

Here is a link to the info I was discussing with you

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