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I have 2 lumps on the back of my head toward the base of my

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I have 2 lumps on the back of my head toward the base of my skull, right above where my neck begins. They ar firm, however i can press in on them as if they were filled with fluid. Also, I have a sore neck and I hear a clicking sound and have tenderness on the left side from the back of my ear down to my coller bone. That area of my neck seemd to be a muscle however its very painfull. I have had thease lumps, which between the two of them cross the base of my skull and are more oblong then round for over a year, however now I am getting severe headaches, very similar to when I had a spinal tap done years ago. Its a pain you dont forget. Since I had gained some weight, I assumed they were fatty deposits, however the pain and stiffness and headaches are close to unbearable. I take 1000 mg Ibuprofin ever 4 hours and that seems to stop the pain, I also ice pack and heat pak the area alternatively which temporarily helps. I am 49, white male, hiv poz but undetectable, t cells are about 300 on meds ritually. also have high blood pressure. I had meningitis (bacterial) a few years back and was hospitalized. Last year had my tonsiles and adnoids removed. thats pretty much my history. Any ideas?
Welcome to Just Answer.
How large are they?
Did you get them checked by doctor?
Thank you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
they are about a half an inch wide, and on each side of my head, each starting in length from the center of the back of my head to about where my hair line ends on the side about an inch below the ear so the lenght i am guessing is approxamately 3". the one on the left seems to be causing more pain and the right seems to be getting a bit smaller. I did not see a doctor about it yet. I thought it was weight gain at first, there was no pain like now
Thank you for the information,
There can be a few possibilities for the lump.
This can be cyst commonly epidermoid or sebaceous cyst.
The fluid filling can be due to it.
Other possibilities are lipoma etc.
Lymph node can get enlarged here but it would not be fluid filled.
Usually they are benign in nature.
But you need to get those checked by doctor.
Sometimes there can be infection or inflammation in them.
There can be spread of infection or cellulitis.
You can need antibiotics then.
You can apply warm moist compress over them.
I hope this information helps.
I will be happy to assist, if you need any clarification.
Please feel free for any follow up query.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have a script available for Sulfameth 800mg would this be the type of antibiotic I could use for this? and what would the normal script call for as far as frequency of dose. Generally speaking, of coarse. I in no way want to obligate you for a perscription, I am general referencing as to what would normally be perscribed.