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I was in a minor car accident where the kid was only going

Resolved Question:

i was in a minor car accident where the kid was only going 5mph. i pushed off the steering wheel with either the front or back of my not sure.i was looking to my right , and seen him at the last second....ended up waking in sever pains down shoulders and arms ended up getting 5/6 fused. my right hand was not swollen i went to er at 5 am and myhand didnt swell until the next day. waited several days due to work and thought my hand was just sprained....continued to sweel and got painful, went to family dr. and he sent me to ortho put it in a splint and ordered a ct which came back question is why would my hand swell the next day and continue to get worse?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Nurse Susan replied 5 years ago.

Id like to try and help you but need some more information. I'm sorry to hear of this accident, when was it? When you write of getting 5/6 fused, do you mean cervical vertebrae? What is your right hand like now? Is it still swollen? What color is it? Is it warm or cool to the touch? Can you move the arm and hand and fingers fully? If you press upon a fingernail, does the color immediately return (within 3 seconds)?

Thanks for clarifying,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

yes it is fine now. and the er said i had whiplash syptoms....arms were numb and tingling

Expert:  Nurse Susan replied 5 years ago.

I am really glad to read that your arm is fine now, and I hope I can assist you here. While no one online can state anything with 100% certainty, I can certainly offer you my best educated guess given what you've wrote.

Sometimes, the effects of trauma doesn't show up immediately. It takes a while for a bruise to appear, for instance. In your case, I am wondering if you in the whiplash accident somehow impinged upon, temporarily, the lymph drainage system in your arm.

In addition to our veins and arteries, we also have whats called the lymph system which transports various fluids throughout the body, and is very much involved in the immune system. Possibly, could the abnormal motion of your neck have touched upon that and caused some temporary lymphedema? No one can say, its just a guess on my part.

Its good that you had the CT scan; it ruled out blood clots and dangerous causes of swelling.

There is a syndrome called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome; its where nerves and vessels can be compressed, and it can be a result of a traumatic accident. That causes swelling of the affected limb as well. However, swelling here is generally caused by poor circulation and the limb would be cool to the touch.

Whiplash definitely can cause the numbness and tingling you felt in your arms.

Here is information on lymphedema:

Here is information on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome:

I hope I was able to help, and again I am happy you are well now...
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